10 Quit Smoking Tips Pushing You To A Positive Lifestyle


“Just quit.”  You hear that too many times. You understand why you should quit; you know what harmful diseases that can deteriorate your mind and body. You think about it, but all you need is a push. All you need is a push towards the reality that you can do this.

The first step is to believe in yourself; picturing yourself not smoking. Smoking is a psychological habit. Try to push negative thoughts out of your mind. That’s the only thing holding you back. Stop carrying cigarettes with you.   If you must hold something between your hands, why not try an E-cigarette.  Here are some of my top ten tips in quitting smoking effectively.

Believe in yourself 

Smile and think about the endless possibilities your life have to offer. Plan ahead these few weeks designated to quitting. Understand that life is beautiful without smoking. Cut down at least once a day, and be proud of yourself. Believing in yourself is already half way there.  Believe you can quit and you will do it if you persevere.

Positive thoughts

See yourself without a cigarette.  See yourself running without having trouble breathing! Your mind is a powerful asset.  Never say never!


Tell everyone you are quitting. It’s helpful to have support. Your family and friends are here for you, they’re supporting you 100%, but all you need to know is that YOU are 100% important. Let them know you will need them to encourage you to give you the right mentality that this is the right thing to do.

The goal

Plan your strategy. Find your motivation. Set yourself a goal. Set a date. Write a list of things to do when you have the urge to smoke. Take a look at this list every time you have the urge.  Engrave this list to your mind if you must.

Hobbies, find lots of them

Play a sport, workout your body as it is the most important thing. Exercising gives you more energy and relieves stress. When you start to crave a cigarette, go out for a walk in the park and breathe in some fresh air.  Read an uplifting book.

Eat Happy

Eat a balanced healthy diet daily. Create delicious meals throughout the week to have something to look forward to.

Socialize without needing to smoke.

Many people have a habit of smoking while drinking. Try associating yourself to drinking inside where smoking is prohibited.

Find healthy alternatives

Using E-cigarettes can be very helpful if you can’t find yourself not wanting to inhale smoke. The vapor in E-cigarettes is a better alternative and it gives you the habit of a cigarette. Other choices can be the nicotine patch, gum, or over counter drugs which can cost more in the long run.

Write in your journal. 

Start a journal of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle! Fill them with upbeat positive thoughts only. Read your positive entries every morning when you wake up, and before going to bed.

Get lots of rest 

Get plenty of sleep! Your body is going through a journey, let it rest. Let your mind and soul rest peacefully each night. Go to bed each night with powerful positive thoughts.

When you are trying to quit, celebrate your brand new lifestyle in ways that make you truly grateful every day.  Reward yourself daily. Buy something you’ve been meaning to splurge on for a while because frankly, you deserve it!

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