180 Smoke Vape Store Review


180 Smoke is a Toronto based, Canadian retail & wholesale provider of high-quality smoking alternative products like electronic cigarettes, cigars, and hookahs.

As a Canadian provider of tobacco and smoke-free products, it’s their goal to make sure 180 Smoke provides you with an alternative to smoking that is less harmful than the traditional way of smoking. 180 Smoke products limit your exposure to harmful chemicals such as tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke, and also combustion. Need more reasons to try an electronic cigarette?

180 Smoke Mission

“Be the most trusted global leader in development and provision of advanced tobacco free alternatives.” 180 Smoke is driven by a responsibility to make a positive and sustainable difference with a view to facilitating a healthier lifestyle for the customers and communities at large.

Why 180 Smoke?

First and foremost, 180 Smoke is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality product. 180 Smoke products are tested by local experts and manufactured in a FCC, CE, SGS, RoHS, HACCP, MSDS and ISO 9001:2000 certified facility. 180 Smoke e-liquid is made from food grade quality products. 180 Smoke can provide you the peace of mind that the products are 100% safe and designed for smokers like you.

180 Smoke Products speak louder than words

180 Smoke listens and 180 Smoke acts. They have consulted thousands of people and dozens of experts to ensure they get it right. All of 180 Smoke product lines, product features, and overall brands were crowd-sourced through multi-fold surveys of thousands of individuals across the globe.
180 Smoke offers you an innovative product designed with you in mind

180 Smoke is a different kind of company

180 Smoke is different and in a good way! They are one of a kind, perhaps the only one of its kind. 180 Smoke is an ethically invested organization with a mission to bring socially conscious tobacco alternatives to the market. Quality is the most important thing. They innovate to stay ahead. Give back and pay it forward. 180 Smoke strives to raise awareness about addictions and other related causes that need attention.

The Right Team

180 Smoke team members along with their Board of Advisers come from diverse backgrounds of medicine, technology, manufacturing, open source, and non-profit. 180 Smoke founders are practicing medical professionals who see first hand the effects of tobacco smoking and have come together to provide alternatives to smokers.


A quick review of 180 Smoke vape shop

Store Website: 180smoke.ca

Store Information  180 Smoke is based in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2012.  The company has become an elder within the vaping industry and easily adapts to the changing behavior of products and consumers.

Store Reputation    The company has gained quite the following over the years, earning a reputation of trust.  The store is most known for its ever-changing product selection, its same-day shipping and its non-stop deals on products.  They’ve also gained attention due to its customer support and friendly staff.

Store Products   180 Smoke vape shop packs its store with quite the selection of products.  It prides itself on offering products for all experience levels.  The store is filled with the most basic starter kits, advanced mods and atomizers, and even has a hefty selection of do-it-yourself products for those who want to make their own e-liquid.

Conclusion   180 Smoke makes shopping an enjoyable experience.  The website is easy on the eyes, and super-easy to navigate.  They provide helpful information and on-going deals that make shopping with them worthwhile.  Furthermore, they have same-day shipping and have gained quite the trusted reputation.

Vape on ! Go 180!

180 Smoke is on a mission. 180 Smoke Vape Shop has a personal connection to vaping and this is more than just a business for them.

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