3 Reasons Why You Should Buy an RDTA


First of all, before we can tackle the advantages of using an RDTA for your device, it is best to define what an RDTA is. RDTA is the acronym for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It’s a hybrid and an evolution of the different tanks being used initially. These include the RBA, RTA, and RDA. With the influx of various vaping accessories, needs change from time to time. Vapers inevitably want full-bodied flavor and bigger clouds, plain and simple. This device is made up of a drip tip, atomization warehouse, atomization warehouse cap, electrode base, and an oil tank. To be considered an RDTA, a device should have the following features:


  • Not compatible with manufactured coil systems
  • Similar to that of an RDA, a rebuildable (if not bigger) deck
  • More space for e-liquid tank capacity

The RDTA is one vaping machine that can help us gain a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. I would say that there are three major reasons why you should buy an RDTA.

  1. If you are a cloud chaser, an RDTA is worth having. It produces thick and dense clouds due to its characteristics of having bigger airflow and sometimes even having top and bottom airflow functionality.
  2. For those who want to mimic that flavor closest to dripping, then RDTA is best for you. Since an RDTA is practical for dripping as well, you can still get an enhanced flavor using it.
  3. Compared to other devices, an RDTA is the most convenient and economical to use.  Since it’s designed to minimize time-consuming refilling and dripping manually. it can save you time. Simply pull off the top cap,  adjust the coil, close it, and it’s good to go again.

This is why I would recommend buying an RDTA for your vaping needs. I personally think it best addresses all of my preferences when vaping. I have been using my Syntheticloud Alpine and now realize that I have found my go-to device for vaping. Given the opportunity to design and build an atomizer, I would definitely design mine how Syntheticloud did its Alpine 3ml RDTA tank. The black and gold combination of this RDTA is very classic and luxurious. The 24K gold plating is very eye catching.

This atomizer is not only good on the looks, but the build itself is very tough. Adjusting the airflow of the dual slotted top airflow is easy. The 3ml capacity of the tank of e-juice is just right for me; not too much and not too little. Vaping with this tank is a head turner; with its sleek design and choice of colors. The 3mm terminal post holes make it easy for me to build, and the 20mm Diameter deck is a plus, too.  Having titanium flathead screws makes this device innovative. It has a bottom and top air flow which allows for the vapor production so immense, you might think that this set-up is for suitable for a cloud chasing competition.  Refilling with this is hands down very easy. I can assure you that there is no spillage. This is due to the top center fill system, and the two O-rings that are combined with a very sturdy Pyrex glass tank.

Vaping systems can sometimes be complicated or a bit tricky. Dealing with spit backs while vaping is very unpleasant. This RDTA has the technology of an anti-spit back protection system, for a more comfortable vaping experience. They can say that it only has a single terminal nevertheless, it can still compete with dual terminal atomizers. You can easily fit the right amount of kanthal wire on it, allowing more cotton and hence, vape production is massive. I bought mine online at urvapin.com together with my Arms race LMC box mod. If my memory serves me well, I bought this for less than 80 bucks, and I would say it has indeed been one of my best buys. I got my money’s worth and full vaping satisfaction.

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