Ace E-Liquid by The Sauce LA Review


We all want a cheap vape juice without compromising flavor and quality, right? Snatching all these three in one bottle is not impossible after all. I discovered a company called The Sauce LA. At first, I was honestly skeptical. Imagine, a 120-mL bottle for as low as $29.99 only? This is incredibly cheap.

I browsed through its website and found dozens of people leaving good feedback and five-star reviews. So I thought to myself this must be a bang for the bucks. I ordered the smallest bottle size to test the vaping liquid first. I ordered a few, but I am craving for an ice cream vape juice today, so here is my review of Ace e-liquid by The Sauce LA.

According to its website, Ace vape juice offers a “rich sundae blend of rainbow sherbet, ripe strawberry, and Bavarian cream.” This is “a creamy e-juice lover’s dream come true!” It is “rich in flavor and low on calories. Perfect juice for vapers to fulfill the sweet craving of dessert.”

Here is my take on Ace vape liquid…

Ace e-liquid is on-point. The intricacy of the taste is very much noticeable on the inhale, and the tarty, sweet flavor cannot be missed on the exhale. I just shrugged each time I ask myself in the mirror how this flavor is possible.

However, the smell and taste are not dominated by the usual vanilla, which is common for most ice cream sherbet vape juices. Instead, Ace e-juice is an incredible mixture of strawberries, cotton candy, and bubble gum. Put all these together then swirl some cream on top and tart sherbet, and voila, this is Ace.

As a whole, this vape liquid hits the right notes, giving you an overall smooth experience. By the way, I also picked up some lemon-lime and pineapple flavors here. Then, there are thick, sweet Bavarian cream notes on the exhale as well.

Although the taste varies depending on your set-up, this vape juice is guaranteed to provide you with a great vaping experience. I personally enjoyed its citrusy flavor. This will make a nice addition to your dessert vape juice collection.

Ace e-liquid is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. I love the billowing clouds of vapor that you get from this blend. The clouds are nice and huge, and they do not disperse right away. I also love the tropical and creamy aroma.

But what I love most is how I can enjoy each puff of this ice cream e-juice without worrying about packing on calories. Like wow! Gone are the days when you have to limit your ice cream intake because you do not want to mentally torture yourself about how much this will cost your body.

There are three nicotine strengths available for Ace e-liquid. It comes with  0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. Regardless of what level you use, rest assured that you will get the same amazing flavor. This vape liquid is pre-steeped. But to guarantee satisfaction, I steeped this e-juice for a couple of weeks before trying it. I have read reviews about The Sauce LA’s e-juices needing to be steeped. So yeah, I followed the advice, and I guess it is true because I am far from being disappointed with the outcome.

Presentation-wise, The Sauce-LA kept it simple and straightforward. The information is directly printed on the bare bottle. You can see the flavor name, brand name, nicotine level, size, the usual warnings, to name a few.

Ace e-liquid is available in a clear bottle with a child-proof cap. There are three bottle sizes available. It comes in 30 mL, 60 mL, and 120 mL bottles which are selling for as low as $9.99, $19.99, and $29.99 respectively. You can get it in portable unicorn bottle by adding $5.99 only.

So for my final thoughts…

I am definitely recommending this vape juice. The Sauce LA did a pretty awesome job mixing the flavors together. There are a lot of sherbet vape juices out there, but this is simply one of the best there is on the market.

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