Atomic Dog Vapor Menthacco Review


What is it?

Based on Atomic Dog Vapor’s website, this e-liquid flavor is part Menthol – part Tobacco. For me, this combo fits perfectly. It’s like smoking meets vaping.

What’s the VG/PG content?

Most, if not all, of ADV’s e-juices, have a 70/30 proportion. This has a majority of vegetable glycerin ratio at 70%.

What is it made of?

What is good with ADV is the ingredients being used. They only use high-quality ones. The Menthacco has the typical items used such as Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol (PG), USP Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and USP Nic Select Nicotine.

Who is the company behind it?

ADV Menthacco is manufactured and sold by Atomic Dog Vapor. They have a playful acronym ADV which in vaping terms could also mean as All Day Vape in lay man’s terms. They are an American brand located in Erie, Pennsylvania. ADV has been a regular in the vaping industry for several years now. I’m just glad they decided to level up their social media focus nowadays. They are one of those reliable vape e-liquid suppliers. They also cater to mods, tanks, vaporizers, and much more. The company is aimed to produce good quality e-liquid that tastes great. They have this tag line saying; They all taste great, or we wouldn’t make them. We care, and we know, you care. It’s not a cliche. With all the being said, my vaping soul is at ease I found them.

How much is it?

This e-liquid is available in two bottle sizes. It has the 30 ml and a bigger size at 136 ml. To be honest,  I was so tempted to get the larger size but end up getting, the smaller 30 ml just to try out the flavor first. And I think a repurchase is in order. This didn’t disappoint at all.

How is it packaged?

The bottle is made of hard plastic and has a sticker label. Funny how the manager made a disclaimer of having some labels crooked. They claim that all of their e-liquid is purely handmade. There is something in personalized items that makes it so special. On the label, you can find their cute logo with a dog design as well as the name of the flavor. The net content and nicotine strength level are also printed on it.

How does it taste?

When I got the product, I immediately opened the bottle. I was expecting a strong scent due to its flavor. I was prepared to steep it, but surprisingly, it was very aromatic. I don’t know, but tobacco and menthol are calming tones for me. This combo is so good! Flavor-wise, this is very promising too. You get to taste the robust hits of the tobacco but not too powerful as it is downplayed with the menthol undertones. You can still savor the earthy tones yet enjoy the cooling mint effect. It may not have the complex blends of other tobacco-based flavors, but this one has a calming sensation. It doesn’t challenge your palate too much. You get to enjoy both flavors.

How is its vapor production performance?

As a high VG substance, I’m expecting good vapor production. The scent alone is a killer. The vapor production is death by clouds. I died and went to cloud/vapor heaven. I was able to puff and exhale long dense clouds that stay afloat. It’s a good blend to play with. I like how ADV Menthacco keeps my mod and tank glued to my hands. I could vape this all day.

For those looking for a tobacco-based vape juice or those who are transitioning from being a smoker to being a vaper, I would suggest the Menthacco. It is strong enough to mimic the tobacco hits but soothing enough to satisfy your puffing itch. At some point, it denotes a sweet cinnamon-ish mix intensifying the flavor. It could pass as a dessert flavor profile. The ADV Menthacco is borderline tobacco and dessert type of e-juice. I would most likely keep this thing in my rotation. And of course, a repurchase on the bigger bottle is happening soon. I think I just found the perfect tobacco-based e-liquid that suits my preference very well.

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