Blood Orange E-Juice by ECBlend E-Liquids Review


As far as citrus fruits go, blood oranges are unique. Besides its appearance, this amazing citrus fruit also has a distinct flavor and taste in comparison to other oranges. Historically, blood oranges got their unique coloring due to a genetic mutation. In the vaping industry, there are several citrus based e-liquid blends available to satisfy the craving vapers have for this fruit’s flavor. E-juice manufacturer ECBlend E-Liquids have some of the best citrus flavored e-liquids currently on the market. Their Blood Orange e-juice has a delicious taste reflective of the quality of its production. Blood Orange is ideal for vapers who enjoy the taste of fresh blood oranges. Vapers who enjoy citrus flavored e-liquids would also find this e-juice to be refreshing.

This Blood Orange flavored e-juice tastes as unique as it appears. This premium e-juice which has a sweet taste also has a distinct aroma. Like the fruit, Blood Orange e-juice tastes less acidic than other orange varieties. Besides the taste normally associated with blood oranges, this e-juice also has the distinct taste of raspberry. This blend of citrus and raspberry flavors come together to create an enjoyable vaping experience.

Blood Orange e-liquid is manufactured with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). However, the ratio of the VG and PG content is dependent on the customer. Vapers can choose to have their bottle of Blood Orange in whatever VG and PG blend they desire. ECBlend E-Liquids have given vapers the opportunity to decide if the exact VG and PG ratio they feel comfortable with. Higher VG levels make this e-juice ideal for use on a sub ohm tank. Blood Orange is also ideal for use with a rebuildable atomizer (RDA).

The cloud production capability of Blood Orange depends on the VG and PG ratio blend. As a rule, higher VG content is equal to massive cloud production. Cloud chasers will be pleased with the fact that they can choose how thick they want their clouds to be thanks to ECBlend E-Liquids.

The throat hit of Blood Orange and other ECBlend E-Liquid flavors is heavily dependent on the VG and PG ratio. Choosing a higher VG mix is ideal for vapers who enjoy e-liquids that have smooth and mellow throat hits. Vapers used to consuming large amounts of nicotine daily would be pleased with Blood Orange. This e-juice comes in nicotine strengths higher than the average e-juice. This nicotine strength levels are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, 24mg and 36mg.

Blood Orange is sold in both plastic and glass bottles of different sizes. These bottles which all ECBlend E-liquid flavors are sold in also comes with child-resistant caps. The size of this bottles include 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 125ml and 250ml. The 30ml and 50ml sizes of this e-juice come in frosted glass bottles. While the 60ml and 125ml are sold in unicorn bottles.

As expected, there are different prices for different sizes of Blood Orange. A 5ml bottle of Blood Orange can be purchased on for $2.50. A frosted 30ml glass bottle of Blood Orange can be purchased for $9.75. While a plastic 30ml bottle of this e-juice is sold for $8.95. The price of sizes of this e-juice is listed on Other ECBlend E-liquid flavors can also be purchased on this site.

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