Broke Dick Cash Advance E Juice Review


After discovering the cheap yet quality e-juice from Broke Dick, I have been jumping from its e-liquids one after the other. And each flavor always keeps my vape experience a bit more interesting. And now, I’d like to talk about the Cash Advance blend.

On its website, the flavor profile for the Cash Advance says: “Now we knew we were up against a true OG Key lime pie, one that had been distilled down to its most essential parts: Graham cracker crust, a luscious custard, a balanced combination of sweet and sour flavors, and a creamy cool whipped topping. So we upped our game, making little tweaks to each of these components. It turns out even the most perfect recipe can be improved.” Let’s see if we can agree to this statement and give this e-liquid a five-star rating.

The flavor gives a somewhat buttery crust with a hint of custard that quickly switches to a key lime flavor. This custard or key lime taste actually continues on the exhale but you can expect a hint of koolada on the tail end as well as a smooth delicious graham cracker and cream cheese. And this gives you a cooling sensation. As for me, this delivers the closest to a slice of cool key lime pie straight out of the icebox.

As soon as you open the bottle, the flavor goes out and it’s pleasantly overwhelming. Yes, enjoy that strong blast of citrus flavor that smells just like real lime! The vape was not a letdown as well. This is really flavorful. I bet lime lovers will surely love this as an all-day vape. The lime flavor is really prominent, strong, and intense.

Meanwhile, you will surely enjoy the Cash Advance e-juice if you are switching from a totally different flavor like tobacco or something really sweet. Overall, this juice is undeniably mixed to perfection and so good! I personally find the taste somewhere between sweet tangy and creamy. A friendly tip though: If you feel like the flavor of the e-juice is too faint, try shaking the bottle first before using. And if that is not enough, you may want to consider steeping at least for a day.

In terms of cloud production, the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30 will already give you a pretty solid cloud experience. Of note, vegetable glycerin is widely used as a food additive and as a flavor and nicotine carrier. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is also used as a food additive and can be found in many of the things that we usually eat.

You can expect flavorful, dense clouds that will not dissipate immediately. This juice though somewhat has a more fluid consistency. Cotton gunking was also not too extreme, and it managed to last a bit longer than I expected.

This e-juice also delivers a satisfying throat hit — not too intense or weak, just somewhere in between. In fact, many reviewers say that this may have such a good throat hit, thanks to its citrus flavor. The strength of the throat hit, on the other hand, is expected to increase with higher nicotine concentrations.
As for the Cash Advance blend, Broke Dick made three blends available for its consumers. The highest concentration is 6 mg. The 6 mg concentration, however, can already be considered low as other e-juice companies offer up to 24 mg of nicotine. But 6 mg is already enough for most vapers out there. The Cash Advance also has 3 mg nicotine concentration for average or starting vapers and 0 mg for those who do not want nicotine. Another tip: I highly recommend not to use the Cash Advance e-liquid in plastic tanks because of its citrus flavor. Glass tanks are more preferred.

Broke Dick is a Largo, Florida-based company that aims to bring a good product at a reasonably lower price. Its slogan is “Great Taste. Cheap Vape.” Although it is a small and relatively new company, Broke Dick has a catalog of exquisite blends that will surely cater to your taste buds’ needs, such as Payday, Overdraft, Prepaid, The 15th, The 1st, and Water Cup. This brand may have cheap e-liquid prices ($25 for a 120-ml bottle), but I assure you quality was never compromised.

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