CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety + Stress (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom Review


Why would a dog need treats for anxiety and stress? Can my dog be anxious or stressed? What can I use to soothe my dog when it is showing signs of anxiety? What does CBD do for anxiety and stress? All these and more are questions frequently resounded among dog owners. It can be a little strange that a dog can be stressed or have anxiety attacks especially if you are a novice in dog training and keeping. This article will address some of these questions and give you a clearer insight into CBD Treats for Anxiety + Stress by Penelope’s Bloom.

Can My Dog be Anxious or Stressed?
The answer is yes. Your dog can be anxious or stressed. If you have observed that your dog has been panting more than normal for some time, it is trying to tell you that it’s anxious or stressed. Other signs of anxiety in dogs are laying low on the ground with large eyes, refusing to eat, destroying furniture, shivering and shaking, trying to escape frequently or hiding away in a corner, loud barking or howling when you are not close and excessive licking or chewing on paws or other body parts. Stress in dogs is usually caused by underlying ailments like heat stroke, respiratory disorders, poisoning, heart failure and so on.

What can I Use to Soothe my Dog when it is Showing Signs of Anxiety?
When you dog pants excessively, you need to visit a vet. It could be showing signs of a chronic ailment and you need to be sure. When it shows other signs of anxiety, you could use natural anxiety remedies to alleviate the signs. The most common natural remedy used these days is CBD. CBD products in the market exist in different forms, one of such is CBD treats. To buy the best CBD treats for Dogs, check out the CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety + Stress (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom.

How do the CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety + Stress (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom help my Dog?
First, these CBD treats are delicious and irresistible. They are made with special ingredients that are reputable for their soothing effects and stress relief; 300mg of full spectrum CBD oil, Chamomile, Ginger root extract and L-theanine. Full spectrum CBD oil supports your dog’s natural endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are responsible for mood regulation. Simply said, CBD boosts your dog’s mood and reduces anxiety levels.

Chamomile is popular for calming raging moods. When combined with ginger root extract and CBD, it greatly reduces anxiety attacks. Integrating these ingredients daily into your dog’s diet would do a lot to help your dog with anxiety and stress.

Packaging Description
CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety + Stress (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom is packaged in white pack of 30 treats. Each treat is shaped like a bone and offers 10mg of the special ingredients. The treats are perfectly sized so that your dog can consume the proper amount necessary. If your dog is already on a medication, you should consult a vet.

You can purchase CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety + Stress (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom at penelopesbloom.com for $34.99.

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