Cosmic Fog Sonrise E-juice Review


Imagine yourself living an island life. You are just there by the beach enjoying yourself a cold tall glass of tropical fruit mix. Combine all that sensation and flavors into vape form, and you will have Sonrise by Cosmic Fog.

“This unique take on a frozen Hawaiian drink will take you to a sun soaked morning on the Big Island. Sweet and savory passion fruit blended with smooth, exotic kiwi and pineapples. All it takes is one hit to know this will be your new all day fruit vape. It will leave you searching for all the hidden flavors until the sun comes back up.”

Minus the limbo, Cosmic Fog Sonrise truly is a dream Hawaiian vacation in a bottle. This unique blend contains passion fruit, pineapple, and kiwi with some hints of other mysterious flavors. This vape juice actually resembles the famous frozen Hawaiian drink we all grew up with. I love how well the ripe tropical passion fruit was mixed with the delicious and fresh kiwis from New Zealand. While this flavor is already enough, Cosmic Fog went above and beyond and dropped in some sweet Hawaiian pineapple slices to the blend, perfectly rounding off the top note. What’s more, Sonrise has a few secret ingredients that poke out from time to time. Just like a kid, you will love these surprises! Now, combine all these flavors together, and you will downright get a one-of-a-kind flavor you can’t just resist.

Sonrise e-juice can definitely let you experience a taste of summer without hitting the beach. It is a perfect all-day vape and you will find yourself having a hard time putting that mod down. This e-juice is nicely blended so that not one flavor overpowers the other. The sweetness is also good enough so it will not leave your throat feeling scratchy or dry.

On your very first puff, Sonrise by Cosmic Fog will already bring you to your knees. This vape juice gives off a wonderful throat hit. No nose-tingling sensations or fits of coughing. Its vapor production is excellent and you can expect abundant, huge, and fluffy clouds. Without a doubt, Sonrise will give you an enjoyable vaping experience especially when you use the Smok TFV8 Big Baby Carbon tank. This vape juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol.

There are three nicotine strength levels available in this blend. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. You can purchase 0 mg level if you are a newbie or someone who’s trying to quit use of nicotine. Vapers who are practicing their vaping skills also opt for a no nicotine level. The 3 mg version is common among users of sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers. It gives a slight nicotine kick with full-bodied flavor. The 6 mg level is for substantial or light to moderate smokers. It has a stronger nicotine kick than the 3 mg, but the flavor is still full. Do note that choosing the right nicotine level is an individual preference. And that may necessitate some experimentation on your part. But trust me though, this process is very worth it in the end.

Cosmic Fog vape juices come in all-black bottles with child-resistant dropper caps. The presentation is quite simple and straightforward. But the logo that is a cloud rocking sunglasses and displaying a timid smile is pretty eye-catching. The label contains necessary product information including the brand name, flavor name, VG/PG ratio, size, nicotine level, and the usual warnings. Sonrise by Cosmic Fog is up for grabs at Smokly for as low as $21.95 only (60-mL bottle). This has got to be one of the cheapest e-liquid deals on the market today. The site also has other products for sale like mods, pens, tanks, coils, and batteries.

Cosmic Fog is a company based in Orange County, California. It has a lineup of dessert vape juice flavors including Sour Melon, Berry Trio, Sonset, Shocker, Chewberry, Chill’d Tobacco, and Tropic Splash. The company is committed to producing premium-quality vape juices through incorporating the expertise of its mixologists in the field of culinary. Each blend takes 7 to 10 months to make. After the development, the flavors have to undergo weeks of tasting to ensure they won’t easily tire your tongue.

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