Herbal Fracture CBG Nano Drops Review


Just when you thought you have tried all the possible ways to take CBD, a water-soluble CBD Nano Drops tincture arrives. HerbalFracture offers a unique way of ingesting CBD through CBG Nano Drops. This nano-amplified formula aims to deliver CBD phytocannabinoid. Interested? Learn more about the product in my review below.

Do you want to enjoy the optimum benefit of CBD in the most interesting way? Try CBG Nano Drops from Herbal Fracture. This has a CBD to CBD ratio of 10:1. This translates to 900mg of CBD plus 100mg of CBG.

Wait… CBD or CBG? Is this a typo error?

Absolutely not! Perhaps you have heard a lot about CBD, but CBG or cannabigerol is something new to you. CBG oil is actually a natural hemp oil that contains high levels of both CBD and CBG.

It is produced via decarboxylation from the acid precursor cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). This CBGA plays an important role in the cannabinoid biosynthetic pathway as this is called the stem cell or surface. All other cannabinoids are actually formed in cannabis, thanks to CBGA.

Now what?

Studies show that combining these two compounds produce higher effectiveness than taking them individually. Altogether, they produce a smart synergy that can achieve a certain desired effect. What is interesting is that CBG is also a non-psychoactive compound. This means you will not get high or stoned, making it suitable to use for both children and animals.

About Herbal Fracture CBG Nano Drops

The Colorado-based company uses state-of-the-art technology to downsize CBG and CBG molecules so that they are up to 4x more bioavailable. This means that you only need to consume less to experience the same effect.

What I love about Herbal Fracture’s Nano Drops is that it can be taken or incorporated to any formulations. Like me, I mix this with my water, juice, or coffee. I think such versatility offers an effective yet cheap way for consumers like us to reap the benefits of both CBD and CBG.

Designed with the comfort of customers in mind, Herbal Fracture offers its CBG Nano Drops in convenient dropper bottles. You can easily squeeze and drop the oil with no trouble, hassle, or spill.

Presentation-wise, Herbal Fracture keeps it low key. The brown, dark bottles are wrapped with black labels. The labels contain basic important information about the product including the dosage, size, and product name. Its ingredients include medium-chain triglycerides, CBD isolates extract, and isolate with beta mycrene and beta-caryophyllene to increase effectiveness.

The nice thing about Herbal Fracture is that it uses Colorado-grown hemp plants that were farmed using organic cultivation techniques. In addition, to ensure that the company delivers the best of the best products in the market, each product undergoes rigorous testing.

All its products are tested via third-party approved and regulated labs. They must pass six-panel tests, including potency, terpene, bio-contaminate, residual solvent, pesticides, and heavy metal, before they are sold to the market.

A 1 fluid oz. bottle of CBG Nano Drops is up for grabs at www.herbalfracture.com for as low as $119.99 only. A plain Nano Drops (Water Soluble Tincture) isolate 1000mg is also available for $99.99.

If I were to decide, I would go for the CBG Nano Drops instead of the plain one. As mentioned earlier, CBG oil has its own perks, besides the difference is only a couple of dollars.


Overall, Herbal Fracture Nano Drops is a dietary supplement that will let you enjoy the benefits of CBG and CBG. It is recommended for a wide range of diseases. I recommend this to my family and friends. It is worth a try if you are into CBD.

Herbal Fracture’s transparency about its products is also impressive. With the CBD hype going around, some manufacturers simply join the bandwagon for monetary gain. I love that Herbal Fracture is loyal to its craft and customers and wants nothing but to produce high-quality CBD oil.

If you check its website, you can see the results of the different tests conducted on their products. You will see that the company has nothing to hide.

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