Hippie Trail E-Liquid by Nasty Ballin Review


Nasty Juice is a giant in the vaping industry. This company, which is based in Tampin, Malaysia, started operations in 2015. Nasty Juice is known for creating premium e-liquids.

Nasty Juice has many different e-juice series. Hippie Trail is a lemon and lime e-liquid in the Nasty Ballin series. It is one of the best lemon-lime e-liquids on the market currently. This vape juice is a must-try for all citrus lover. The Nasty Ballin series consists of four different e-juice flavors; Hippie Trail, Passion Killa, Bloody Berry, and Migos Moon.

Nasty Ballin’s Hippie Trail is a very enjoyable vape juice. The lime flavor is slightly more noticeable than the lemon. Both flavors come together well. The taste is sweet and tangy. You can taste the sweetness, but there is also hints of sourness. There is a hint of mint flavor that is consistent throughout when you are vaping this e-liquid. Although this e-juice is made of lime and lemon flavor, it is not overly sour. You get a light sweet aftertaste on your tongue.

The vapor production of Hippie Trail is fantastic. It will give you abundant clouds of vapor that linger in the air. Hippie Trail is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG). It is easy on coils. The e-juice is slightly thick.

The vape juice is mild in the throat. You feel a slight tingling sensation at the back of your throat, and it is not overpowering. You can opt for nicotine strength levels of either 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg. There is no itching or burning in the throat when vaping this e-juice.

Nasty Ballin e-liquids come in innovative bottles. The Hippie Trail bottle has the shape of a cocktail shaker with two ball bearings inside. The bottle design facilitates mixing the nicotine shots that come with the e-juice. The Hippie Trail bottle is green.

You can get a 60-ml bottle of Hippie Trail by Nasty Ballin for only $14.99 at https://vapeclubmy.com.  You can opt for a bundle of all Nasty Ballin e-liquids for only $56.99 at this online store.

Vape Club is one of the best places to obtain premium-quality e-juice blends at affordable prices. The store frequently has sales and promotions that you can take advantage of to save money. If you’re a re-seller, you can apply for wholesale prices when you purchase 100 e-liquid bottles or more. This will allow you to stay competitive and increases your profit margin.

Nasty Juice does not only make e-liquids. The company also produces apparels and accessories branded with its logo.

Nasty Juice is one of the leaders in the industry. If you are a veteran vaper, you are likely to have heard about  Nasty Juice. The company’s e-liquids are made using the finest ingredients. The company goes to great length to provide each vaper a thrilling vaping experience.

Hippie Trail is a great summer vape. It is the perfect e-liquid to relish when you feel the desire for a good vape on a hot day. It is very refreshing. The mint flavor will leave you feeling energized. This is a lemon and lime e-liquid, but occasionally you can also taste other citrus flavors. It can easily become an all day vape.

Nasty Juice is an award-winning company. The company has won many awards including the Vapouround Award 2018 Industry Leader, the VapeCom KL2 2017 Innovative Team, the Vapeshow Prague 2017 Best Juice Of The Year, the Vape Expo E-Liquid Award 2016 for Best E-Liquid, and many more. You will certainly enjoy vaping Hippie Trail and other e-liquids from Nasty Juice. Have a thrilling vaping experience!

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