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There are many ways to refill your electronic cigarette. The method of refilling your electronic cigarette can vary depending on if you choose to use atomizers, cartomizers, or tank atomizers.

Atomizer – To refill your electronic cigarette that is using an atomizer, you can just replace with the new cartridge that is prefilled e-liquid inside which can last about 3-5 cigarettes. There are different types of cartridges that can be added to give your e-cigarette its own custom feels, such as a smart cartridge or drip tip.

The Drip method – This method works when you have bottles of e-liquid on hand that lets you “drip” from the bottle into the atomizer. Simple remove the mouthpiece and drip 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly onto the middle of the atomizer coil. Put on a desired mouthpiece such as a drip tip and this will last you for one or two sessions.

When you notice any loss of flavor or vapor production, be sure to repeat the method and drip 2-3 drops again. The amount of drops can vary among the type of e-liquid, atomizer, and preference. The trick is not to let the atomizer run dry which causes the coil to burn, or over filling the atomizer, which can result in flooding. If this happens, the atomizer will not produce maximum vapor and performance will not be on par.

If your atomizer is flooded, take your atomizer with the screw side down, and blow through the top of your atomizer onto a dry towel. This will remove excess e-liquid from the atomizer through the holes on the bottom. This is also the way to remove any old e-liquid or impurities from the atomizer to keep your atomizer running fresh without the burnt taste.

Cartomizer – These are simply an atomizer and a mouth piece made into one. Cartomizers screw into the battery the same way an atomizer does. It can store e-liquid inside of its tank like design with a coil in the middle. These either come pre-filled or empty. Cartomizers used to be somewhat difficult to re-fill since the top plastic cap was hard to remove.

Newer design cartomizers with the soft cap are much easier to remove and re-fill. You can remove the cap of the cartomizers, and add about 15-20 drops of e-liquid into the filling and recap. Since cartomizers are so affordable, some people choose to dispose them after 1 or 2 uses, but better quality ones can be re-used multiple times if care is taken.

Condom Method: the traditional way to re-fill cartomizers, as this allows the liquid to be fully suspended throughout the filling allowing the coils to effectively produce vapor. Your cartomizers will usually come with a soft rubber “condom” piece covering the thread end. First, take off the top part of the Cartomizer.

Fill up the condom piece halfway with your desired e-liquid, take the Cartomizer and slowly press into the rubber piece with the screw side in. As you press down, the cartomizers will draw e-liquid into holes on the bottom. The slower the process, the less leakage the e-liquid will come out on the sides.

Repeat this about 2-3 times, until you see liquid flow through the top. Be careful not to “flood” the Cartomizer as overfilling will result in poor vapor performance. Once the Cartomizer is filled, take off the condom, wipe off excess e-liquid from the threading and Cartomizer and its ready to go.

Tank Atomizer Cartridge – this atomizer system is used on the eGo tank atomizer and 510 tank atomizer only. It is extremely easy to use and care for. Have your tank atomizer screwed into your fully charged Battery. To re-fill, take your cartridge and fill with your favorite e-liquid until it’s almost full. Then you just fit your cartridge into your tank atomizer facing down to avoid spilling, and it is ready to go.

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