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This electronic cigarette guide will show you the basics to get you ready to start vaping. Knowing the three basic components of an electronic cigarette will help you better understand how an electronic cigarette works and prepare you to start vaping like a pro.

Your Basic Electronic Cigarette consists of a mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery. The battery is what gives your e-cigarette the power to produce vapor, we highly recommend you first fully charge your battery when you first receive your starter kit. To do this, carefully screw the battery into the USB charger first, doing this carefully can prevent damage to the threading of your battery and charger.

Once the battery is just snug but not too tight, insert the USB end into an USB outlet or Wall adapter charger. A LED indicator light will glow red to show it is being charged on most models. Once the LED light appears green after several hours, it means your battery is now ready to use. Make sure that you only charge your battery that came with the original kit as higher voltage charging kit can damage lower voltage batteries.

The atomizer is the “engine” that turns your e-liquid into vapor. Once the battery is fully charged, carefully screw in the atomizer with similar care as with charging the battery. There are small holes at the end of the atomizer, screw the atomizer until the holes align with the “wells” on the battery just slightly snug, just about finger strength.

You can insert one of your pre-filled flavor cartridges into the atomizer and it’s ready to use. If you have an automatic switch, your e-cigarette will turn on and as long as you inhale. If you have a manual switch, press down on the switch as you inhale and release to draw vapor. You can hold down on the switch longer to increase the drag and vapor, but be careful not to overheat the atomizer. The flavor cartridges will last about 3-5 cigarettes. Once they lose their flavor and vapor production, you should discard them to avoid any burnt taste. You also have other options on how to refill your electronic cigarette.

You should take great care of your atomizer to prolong its life and having it continue to deliver great tasting vapor. Make sure to keep your atomizers moist with e-liquid before use by dripping 2-3 drops directly on the atomizer coil. The trick is not to “flood” the atomizer by overfilling. If this happens, take a piece of tissue paper with the thread side down, and blow through the atomizer to remove excess e-liquid.

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