Innokin Endura T18 Kit Review


Innokin has added a little beaut to its existing range of products; the Endura T18. Its slim and sleek design aims to target newbie vapers in the market.

With simplicity in mind, the Endura T18 is smaller than its T22 predecessor. It can fit in your pocket so easily! It has a top-fill system and can be charged using a micro USB. The USB port has a slide mechanism that allows you to snap a little too easily. It also has a pass-through feature that allows you to use and vape at the same time. It is powered with a 1000 mAh battery with a built-in heating protection. Of note, the battery level can handle fairly well the demands of a day’s vaping.

It comes with a 2.5 ml tank, which is quite bigger compared with most vape pens on the market today. As a mouth to lung device, the Endura T18 will give you a great draw. In spite of the level of performance, the weight and thickness are no issues.

Innokin made the Endura T18 friendly to its users. The device is very easy to operate with both power and delivery left uncompromised. Innokin did managed to hit a perfect balance of looks and great performance with the T18. There is no need to memorize wattages or any settings. It has a fixed 14-watt output. It also has a maximum output current of 3.5 amps, a maximum output voltage of 5.5 volts, and a coil resistance of between 1.2 and 2.5 ohms.

It features a top-fill airflow tank, making refilling a mess-free task. The tank is made from glass and stainless steel. This is quite enough to last a day of vaping. Furthermore, even though the tank faces several competitions including the Aspire Nautilus Mini, the Juul, and the Halo Triton II, Innokin more than keeps up with them.

Meanwhile, although the coils look futuristic with their bullet-shaped design, they are very easy to install. What’s more, they are very durable. Early reviews raved they could last quite long before there is a need to replace with a new one. The coil uses Japanese Organic Cotton for wicking.

Meanwhile, as for this vape pen, e-juices with a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of not more than 70VG/30PG are recommended. This is to prevent risking the coil from not wicking properly. Also, e-liquids with higher VG can be more muted than using a 50VG/50PG ratio blend. That being said, uniquely blended flavors from Caktus Juice will likely suit the Endura T18. The blends produce rich, full flavor and thick vapor for a tasty mouth explosion. A wide array of flavors is available such as Strawberry, Tangy Grape, Tangy Apple, Strawberry Cream, Watermelon, Berry Crunch, and Pineapple. For trial, you can get the 10 ml bottle for as low as NZD $7.99 at NZ Ecig Store. Bigger sizes such as 30 ml, 60 ml, 90 ml, and 120 ml are also available in four different nicotine concentration strengths.

As mentioned earlier, simplicity was at the crux of Innokin’s Endura T18. That being said, the device has only one button to operate. Just hold the button down and take a draw! As a vape pen, the attachment of the battery to the stainless steel and you just need to screw in the Prism tank.

This vape pen is available for as low as NZD $39.90. There are currently four colors available including silver, black, aquamarine, and pink. Included in your starter kit are an Endura 1000 mAh battery, a 2.5 ml Prism tank with coil, an extra coil, a USB cable, a plastic Endura stand, 4 O-rings, and 2 mouthpiece.

Innokin has established its name on the vaping industry, releasing products that cater to both beginners and advanced users. Among its known products are the early iTaste and MVP mods as well as the iClear series of clearomisers. Its current products  include CoolFire IV, iSub, MVP 3.0 Pro, and the Innokin Disruptor. (Check more Innokin products at

The Endura T18 is really the perfect vape pen for beginners with no weaknesses to display. Be it in performance, maintenance, and build, the T18 really has it all. So if you have long been searching for a vape pen on the world wide web, the Endura T18 kit should be something you should consider.


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