#Juice Company Dessert and Bakery Flavors


#Juice has been out since 2014 and has been catering to vapers who love savory and dessert blended ejuices! This premium Eliquid Line creates unique blends that balance notes of baked goods, custards, and luscious fruits. All nicely packaged in a social media themed label. If you love decadent desserts, have a sweet tooth, you can grab some #Juice and satisfy your cravings without any of the calories!

#Juice Features 5 unique and delicious flavor profiles including:

#Selfie A delectable blend of vanilla custard and a hint of strawberry. Just like achieving the perfect selfie, all the notes in this bottle come together in such harmony you will have no choice, but to smile!

#Sidebae Inspired by the popular breakfast pastry – Blueberry Poptarts. Taste everything from the frosted breadcrumb exterior to the sweet blueberry filling. This flavor accommodates all of your needs, but without any of the commitments. Keep your self-toasty with #sidebae.

#Swag is reminiscent of grandma’s fresh baked apple fritters. Warm, crisp, and sweet, a perfect treat for all. No amount of swag can help you resist this delicious pastry. So sit back, relax, and swag out with this enticing flavor.

#TBT has nostalgic notes of the notorious Peanut Butter Cups. Bring back the good times when you could indulge in this guilty pleasure without any of the calories!

#NoFilter is a mouthwatering fusion of succulent white grape and luscious lychee. Absolutely delicious and straight to the point


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