Juno E-Vapor Battery by Twelve Vapor Review


Most of the endless number of pod style vaporizers on the vape market share the same look and design. The Juno E-Vapor Battery is one of them. It bears almost the same resemblance as most pod systems. The Juno arrived on the market aiming to define the vape shop experience, by distinguishing itself as the vape store pod system.

The Juno battery is a draw-activated, closed system pod mod designed by the Buffalo-based company Twelve Vapor for stress-free on-the-go vaping sessions. The juno e vapor battery is compatible with Juno XII pre-filled 1.6mL pods. The pods are not included in the package.

The Juno battery is comfortable in your hand as well as your pocket. Measuring 109mm in height, 18.5mm in length and 10mm in width, the Juno E-Vapor Battery is not the most compact pod device in the market. However, you will not be able to lose this one easily, unlike most smaller devices.

In terms of design, the Juno battery has a sleek profile, made out of high-grade aluminium. Its design profile is a perfect suite for beginner vapers. The body of the device includes a V-shaped cut-out on the top of the device, giving vapers the opportunity to check the capacity of their pod without having to remove it from the device. There is a tiny LED indicator located 10 mm from the bottom of the device. It shows green when the battery is between 100 – 16%, yellow between 15 – 6%, and red when you are down to 5% or less.

The Juno battery size is as a result of the 380mAh built-in battery, which is what makes this device last longer than average pod devices. Fully charged, the Juno device can take the heat of your vape sessions, and still last a day or more. Charging the battery is easy and convenient, with the MicroUSB port found at the bottom of the Juno battery, which allows for an 800mAh recharge rate. It just means your device can charge from zero to full in little over an hour.

As for being a Mouth-To-Lung device, the juno e does not waver. It has features like temperature control, and there are no adjustments for the airflow. The Juno E-vapor battery supports vaping at a fixed wattage only. You will not get thick clouds from this device, which means stealth vaping.

The pod connection system utilizes 24K gold plated pin connectors, and is designed to be plug and play. You just have to push in the pod, and you can begin vaping. The Juno pod device comes with safety features, including short circuit protection, atomizer short protection, and low voltage protection.

Although the Juno pod device is a closed system, there are numerous flavours in the Juno series to choose from, so you do not feel limited. You get to choose the nicotine level in the pods, depending on the flavour. The pods are available in 50mg/ml, 36mg/ml, and 24mg/ml nicotine strengths.

The Juno device is integrated with an air activated sensor to fire it up, this perfectly mimics the hand feel of traditional methods, and is designed to give you a clean hit every time. Setting the Juno E-Vapor battery and using it is very straightforward. It does not so much brain power. You just have to charge the pod device with the USB charger included in the package, insert your pod of choice and start inhaling.

The Juno E-Vapor battery by Twelve Vapor is designed to live up to their aim, to be the vape store pod system. With the extensive flavours available, the closed pod system is less of a limitation. It means you still get to be adventurous with e-liquid flavours available in the Juno pod series. The Juno battery perfectly checks out portability, a fantastic vape experience, and ease of use, criteria’s that are very essential for a vape pod system.

If you are looking for a stealthy pod device, one that won’t die out on you quickly, then the Juno E-Vapor battery is an excellent choice. The Juno battery pod system is only $19.99 on the online vape store 180smoke, so if the Juno E-Vapor battery checks out for you, then you should give this pod device a shot.

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