Kanger EVOD BCC – Bottom Coil Clearomizer


Product Description

Kanger EVOD BCC – Bottom Coil Clearomizer

The new Kanger BCC – Bottom Coil clearomizer by Kanger is a new design that has the atomizer head sitting on the bottom of your tank. This allows the natural and constant flow of e-liquid into your coils to make each vape full of vapor and flavor. The bottom coil clearomizer allows you to not have to tilt your electronic cigarette to the side to get the juices near your coils to prevent the dry burnt hit. Simply unscrew the top piece, fill the side walls with e-liquid, replace the bottom coil, and flip over and you are ready to go. The bottom coil does not have any excess wicks that stick out, which makes refilling less of mess and you can replace a new fresh coil within seconds.

  • Small compact stylish design is same diameter as the eGo
  • Coil sits on bottom to have constant flow of fresh e-liquid each time you vape
  • Easily replaceable bottom coils
  • Available in 7 colors: black, stainless, red, blue, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Add 5 pack of replacement bottom coils to keep your device running strong and your flavors fresh.

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