Kanger KR808D1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – Katherine Heigl E-Cigarette


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Kanger KR808D1 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – Katherine Heigl E-Cigarette

Are you looking for “Katherine Heigl Electronic cigarette”?

Katherine Heigl (From Knocked-Up, Grey’s Anatomy)reveals her experience with trying to control her smoking habits, nicotine addiction, and how she was able to manage her tobacco cravings with an e-cigarette.

She reveals that tobacco addiction is a habit that is picked up during her normal daily life such as smoking 1 or two packs a day, at the bar, and getting hooked after buying your first pack after an emotional breakup.

She tried all sorts of methods from medications and pills to try and quit smoking. However, she’s still could not break her daily habit.

Now what she uses is an electronic cigarette to replace her nicotine cravings as a better alternative to cigarette smoking.

Katherine Heigl reveals that these devices essentially humidifies the air and releases water vapor. She satisfies her nicotine cravings with a smoke dose and the vapor is safe for the surrounding environment and does not endanger others of second-hand smoke as cigarettes do.

David Letterman wonders what happens when he uses the e-cigarette only to find out that it is actually a very simple and easy device to use that is absolutely a better alternative to tobacco and is also safe for the environment.
What kind of E-Cigarette does Katherine Heigl use?

Katerine Heigl Electronic Cigarette of choice is the latest two-piece design. This type of e-cigarette is a revolutionary break through the device that changes the way people now smoke. This device is the next step in vapor technology that combines a mouthpiece and atomizer unit in one which has liquid nicotine inside known as e-liquid. The vapor in e-cigarettes doesn’t contain the thousands of chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, and cancer producing agents found in traditional cigarettes, thus making e-cigarettes the safer alternative to smoking!

The Pro Dual KR808D-1 design electronic cigarette is for those who want great vapor production and flavorful throat hit in one stylish package. This two-piece design comes with cartomizers that contain both the atomizer and pre-filled cartridge into one. Even with the same diameter as a cigarette, it produces excellent vapor at 3.7 volts and a battery capacity that lasts about 3-4 hours of use. Ready to use right out of the box, the twist on a flavor cartomzier into a charged battery and it is ready to go. Each cartomizer lasts over 250 puffs.
Buy Katherine’s Heigl E-Cigarette

You can get the same e-cigarette Katherine Heigl uses right here at Vape Doctor. Every Starter kit comes complete with 2 Electronic cigarette batteries and 5 refill cartridges. It also includes a USB and Wall adapter kit in a nice environmentally friendly gift box. An optional Personal Charging Case (PCC) can be added as a stylish case that charges your batteries, and stores your cartimizers on the go. It even has a built-in USB port to charge any electronic devices.  Refills come in a pack of 5, which lasts about 5-10 packs of cigarettes depending on how heavy you vape. Comes with 5 flavor choices and colors are available in stainless steel, White, or Black.

Kit Details:

  • Popular dual piece design
  • Easy to refill and replace
  • Cartomizers
  • 3.7 voltage
  • 280mah battery

Kit Includes:

  • Batteries 3.7 volts 280mAh (Manual Switch)
  • Prefilled cartomizers
  • Charging Kit
  • Instructional Manual
  • Gift Box


Personal Charging Case Kit keeps your battery charged while on the go. Quality Black/stainless case holds 1 battery and 2 cartomizers, with attached USB charger.

Flavor Choices (enter in the comment box at checkout to choose your flavor 5-pack leaving blank will give you Tobacco flavor):

  • Coffee 16mg
  • RY4 16mg
  • Full Flavor Tobacco 16mg
  • Red Tobacco 16mg
  • Smooth Menthol 16mg
  • Vanilla 16mg

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