Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor Review


The Mi-pod is one device that breathes way much more than simplicity. Sure, it is a draw activated device, and getting a hang of it is a breeze, even for newbie vapers. However, the Mi-pod is also a sleek and portable pack of power and detail. The device supports both refillable and non-refillable pods. So you get to enjoy a bunch of different ejuices with just one device. If you enjoy vaping with high performance and still enjoy simplicity, the Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor is an ideal choice. 

About The Mi-Pod Gentleman Edition

The entire Mi-Pod device measures 51mm x 12.5mm x 60mm. It looks more like a flattened out JUUL device, small enough to slot into  The device has one rounded side and one side that is flattened out. The rounded side fits into your palm comfortably when you pick it up for a drag. You can almost completely conceal the device in your palms. 

If you like to show off your vape device, then you will love the array of colors that the Mi-pod Gentleman Edition is available in. You can choose from Carbon FIber, Grey Suede, Black Suede, and Light Brown Suede. You can find all of these on Ejuice Deals. Just hop on over, select a color, and hit check out – that easy.

On the body of the device, there is a small button and a micro USB port. Although the Mi-Pod is a draw activated device, it still uses a button to turn the device on and off. Five rapid clicks to the button turn the device on. Once the device is on, you can go ahead and enjoy its draw activated system. You do not have to constantly push the button when you go in for a draw. There is also a stylish “M” like opening on the side of the device where the pods sit. This allows you to easily monitor your level of ejuice without having to pull out the pod. 

Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor Review

There is also an LED battery life indicator that not only helps you to know just how much battery you have left, but it also confirms when the device is on. The LED shows blue when you have a full battery or above 50%. It shows purple when your battery is 50% or below. It shows red when you have a low battery and the device needs to be recharged. 

The Mi-Pod features an incredible 950mAh rechargeable Lithium battery built into the device’s compact chassis. With the Mi Pod, you can now worry less about your device dying out on you when you are out of the house or not close to a charger. You can go on vaping for a full 24hours depending on the type of vaper that you are. You can charge the device using the micro USB cable that comes with the Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit. The Mi-pod Gentleman Edition features pass-through charging, so you can go on vaping even while the device is charging.

The device’s battery features varying voltage outputs which is determined by how much battery you have left. If you have a full battery, you should expect anything from 3.7 to 4.2V. You get 3.4 to 3.7V when you are down to 50%. You get 3.4V when your battery is empty and you need to charge.

Mi-Pod Gentleman Pods

You already know that you can use the Mi-pod device with both refillable and non-refillable pods. Although straight out of the pack, the device itself comes with 2 refillable pods that you can use to get started. The pods go into the pod bay at the top of the Mi-Pod device and sit there comfortably without wiggling about. 

Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor Review

Each of the pods has a 2ml ejuice capacity. You can fill both pods and not have to carry around your ejuice bottle to refill whenever you run out. The pod is divided into two sections, the section that contains the ejuice tank and the other that features the airflow compartment. The pods are see-through so you not only see the amount of ejucie you have inside, but you can also see the coil and organic wicks used in the pod.

Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Pods use a bottom-fill method. You have to take the pod out of the battery to access the fill port. There is a silicon grommet that is attached to the pod so you do not misplace it. The grommet allows you to refill the pods and cover up again to prevent leaking. 

In addition to its draw-activation mechanism, the Mi-Pod also features a top airflow system with two tiny silicon plugs. You use the plugs to control the amount of airflow you want to have when you vape. There are two airflow holes on the pod. You simply use the plugs to close either one or two of the holes depending on how tight and restrictive you want your draw to be. 


Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you started. So long as you have your ejuice ready, you can get down to vaping in a couple of minutes after unpacking the kit. It is that easy to understand and get the hang of.

Inside the box, you will find these:

  • 1 x Mi-Pod Device 
  • 2 x Refillable Pods
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 x Users Manual

The kit is sold on Ejuice.Deals for $35.99 rather than the original $49.99. You get you to save a whole 28% off a premium quality vape device.


No additional settings, no temperature setting, no complex menus, nothing. All you get is the Mi-pod Gentleman Edition and a freeway ride to portable vape satisfaction. 

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