Mi-pod Gentleman Edition Portable Starter Kit Review


The Mi-pod device is one of the best vaping systems available. This device by Smoking Vapor is designed to be portable and stylish. The Mi-pod Gentleman Edition fits into the hands perfectly; it has round edges that makes holding it comfortable. You can use the refillable pod system to vape freebase nicotine e-liquids or nicotine salts.

The Mi-Pod is widely available for sale, but you get the best deal on offer via the Ejuice. Deals online shop. You can buy the Gentleman Edition of the Mi-Pod device for $35.99 at this vaping store. This device is available in different color finishes, including Black Metal, Digital Blue, Digital Grey, Digital Orange, Rainbow Metal, and Silver Metal.

The Mi-pod is a powerful device and comes with a 950 mAh high-drain battery. The lithium battery of this vape system can last for a day or for longer, depending on how frequently it is used. The Mi-pod battery can be charged via a USB Port on the device. You get a USB cable in each box of this vape system.

Smoking Vapor’s Mi-Pod is designed to be easy to use and is suitable for people new to vaping. This device also offers a strong throat hit that will appeal to experienced vapers. The Mi-Pod device is draw-activated and only comes with the power button. With this Smoking Vapor system, you only need to fill the tank, hit the power button, and start vaping.

The Gentleman Edition of the Mi-Pod vaping device comes with cartridges that can hold about 2ml of vape juice. This quantity of e-liquid is estimated to last for about two days. The pods of this device are transparent and made of plastic. These pods are refillable; to refill, all you have to do is remove the cover of the filling port. The Mi-pod cartridge comes with a coil with organic cotton wicking and resistance of 1ohm.

The Mi-Pod makes for a pleasant vaping experience. With this device, you cannot adjust the airflow slot. And there is a space on this device made so vapers can constantly check the e-liquid level without having to remove the cartridge.

Smoking Vapor’s Mi-Pod has an LED light that serves different functions. The first function the LED light performs is flashing whenever the cartridge is fixed into the battery. The LED Light also serves as a battery life indicator. The light turns blue when the lithium battery is 100 percent full. The light is purple when the battery is half-way full. The light turns red when the battery is low and needs charging. The LED light also flashes with every hit taken. There is an option of turning the LED light off by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.

Besides the Mi-Pod, you can buy many other vaping products from Ejuice. Deals. This online vape shop sells high-quality products from some of the best brands. You can buy e-liquids, replacement pods, tanks, mods, and other vaping accessories from this store. Ejuice. Deals have excellent customer service and fast shipping.

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