Review of Apple Juice Iced by Cheap eJuice


The Apple Juice Iced is another product from Cheap eJuice with a twist. You still get the same rich apple flavor that has a menthol touch. It is one juice that will satisfy you with your everyday vape. You can right away purchase the product at Cheap eJuice and the company is located in Costa Mesa, CA.

Flavor Description

If you are one that loves menthol, the Apple Juice Iced is the perfect e-liquid for you. Once you inhale the juice you are able to taste the rich apple flavor and as it slips into your mouth you get to feel the menthol slowly sinking in. That is one cool vaping experience. You know that it is the best because once you open its bottle; you will right away smell the rich aroma of the apple fruit. This e-juice does not have any chemical aftertaste which is really awesome. You also feel refreshed because the cool menthol gets into your system. You can definitely use this e-liquid even on a hot summer day. After you exhale, you will still taste the menthol flavor which is really superb. This e-liquid will make you want for more. It is perfect for an everyday vape. If you want something that will refresh your senses, this e-juice is definitely a must try. Nothing beats a cool refreshment on any given day.

Nicotine Strength

You get to choose two nicotine concentrations from the Apple Juice Iced. If you want a milder nicotine hit, you may want to get the 3mg concentration or the 6mg if you want a stronger one. The good thing is even with each of these nicotine strengths you still can taste the apple and the menthol.


You will find that this e-juice is easy to drip especially that its VG/PG ratio is 65/35. The thickness of the juice is just enough to allow us to fill our tanks easily.

Throat Hit

The Apple Juice Iced gives out a mild throat hit. You can feel the sensation travel at the back of your throat but it does not irritate at all. The great thing about this juice is it is mild and so cool because of its menthol flavor.

Vapor Production

Once you inhale the juice you will taste the rich flavor and when you exhale it will produce thick clouds that linger. Th smell of menthol and apple stay in the air even if you already exhaled. It has a pleasant aftertaste and the clouds will satisfy you.


We always want the best flavors when it comes to choosing an e-liquid to pair with your tanks. The Apple Juice Iced is one of the best products by Cheap eJuice that will make vaping every day a pleasant one. It has a blend made from exquisite ingredients and is very cool in your mouth. The great thing about this product is it is very cheap. You can purchase it for only $11.99 and that is for the 120ml bottle! You are given the best when you pick up this e-liquid. It can easily be purchased through

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