Review Of The 5 Pack-Dessert By Broke Dick


If you want to get a taste of all that Broke Dick has, the 5 Pack-Dessert is the one for you. It is a pack of all five e-juices from Broke Dick. This is the time that you can try all the different flavors of e-juices from the company. It can be bought online while the company is based on Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.

Flavor Description

Well, you get to have a taste of every bottle from Broke Dick. The 5 Pack-Dessert is composed of the 1st, the 15th, Payday, Prepaid, and Cash Advance e-juices. So that means you get to get a taste of the tropical taste which is in the Payday e-juice. If you want it to be sweeter than usual then the Cash Advance e-juice comes in handy with the creamy cheesecake plus a touch of whip topping. You also get to have a choice of berries with the Pre-paid e-juice. If the palate needs to get a taste of strawberries then this Pre-paid e-juice is the best option. What is great about the 5 Pack-Dessert by Broke Dick is you get to get all the best flavors from Broke Dick in a pack. That means the best cheap vape juice can be bought in a pack. From the tropical flavors to the sweet cheesecake taste, you can get them all with this 5 Pack-Dessert.

Nicotine Strength

All of the e-juices that are included in the 5 Pack-Dessert by Broke Dick all have the same options for nicotine strength. Each of these juices is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength. Isn’t it amazing, you get to have the best tasty flavors of e-juices and the options of the nicotine strength are all yours.  Each of these bottles from the 5 Pack-Dessert is worth a try!


All the e-juices included in the 5 Pack-Dessert by Broke Dick all have the same ratio of 70vg/30pg. The rich flavors from each e-juice bottle are incorporated in one pack. You get to have a taste of everything with a less expensive cost.

Throat Hit

There is nothing included in the 5 Pack-Dessert that has a bad throat hit. All the e-juices included in the pack all have an average throat hit. This means that if you have these bottles, you know that each has a satisfying throat hit. You will not regret getting to try all these e-juices. Each e-juice from the 5 Pack-Dessert has different flavors and all are tasty. You can taste from one e-juice to another without throwing away quality.  These e-juices are mixed with the right amount of ingredients to get a satisfactory throat hit.

Vapor production

When it comes to vapor production, you are sure that with each e-juice from the 5 Pack-Dessert, the clouds are even. You get to have thick clouds that will not disappear right away. The best cheap vape juices do give you the satisfaction of exhaling clouds that are also good for showing off. There may be times of competition for vapor production, and Broke Dick’s e-juices will not let you down.


The one great thing about Broke Dick is it definitely knows how to price its products. The 5 Pack-Dessert is priced at $55 for five flavors. That means each of the e-juices in the pack is priced at $11 only. That is definitely awesome. You get a cheap vape juice within a pack and with rich flavors. You are actually getting the best of everything. Once you have the pack, you get to have a taste of each e-juice that can be of your choice. Instead of getting one 120ml bottle for $22, you can get each for $11 in this 5 Pack-Dessert. You are actually saving a lot of money here.

Broke Dick has all the right flavors of e-juices that can satisfy your taste. You can purchase each e-juice bottle as a single one or you may get to have the 5 Pack-Dessert. This pack has all the five e-juices from Broke Dick. You get to have a taste of each in a pack. It is a special treat and is only from Broke Dick.


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