Smoktech 510 U-DCT 6ML – Filler-less Dual Coil Cartomizer Tank


Product Description

New filler-less U-DCT tanks! These tanks have a nice chrome finish and these New tanks not only look good; they have no filler inside, delivering you more vapor performance!

This new DCT tank uses the new CE2 style cartomizer. This cartomizer has no filler inside. It has larger punched hole on the bottom of the take with a mini wicking coil inside to give you the flavor, throat hit, and vapor production you desire. The tank has a lock ring on the bottom to prevent the cartomizer from sliding out; saving you from all the mess of spilling e-liquid!

  • Includes Chrome Tank
  • 510 CE2 Filler-less Cartomizer (low resistance 1.7ohm)
  • Cartomizer lock
  • Clear Drip tip
  • Available in clear

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