The Smok AL85 Box Mod Review


The Smok AL85 Box Mod Review

Let’s start by saying that Smok AL85 boasts the exact same high quality as big brother the Alien 220W. The zinc alloy metallic body feels real solid . You can expect zero button rattle, and its finish is flawless. There’s been a bit of controversy regarding paint job quality on the AL85, with some folks saying that it chips off too easily. To be fair, I’ve had mine a little more than a year now and the finish has not given me anything to complain about. I should mention that I use it almost daily.

Menus and Features

The AL85 is set up with both the display and chip as the Alien 220W mod. So you will get the same features and menu as the larger device has. Its large display is very bright and it displays all the info anyone could ever want right on the home screen. Some may think it’s a bit crowded, but I myself consider this a big plus, being that you don’t have to browse through a menu to search for different settings. This gives you the mode that you are vaping in, the wattage/temperature, the pre-heat setting, resistance of the atomizer, real-time voltage, amperage, the temperature of the chip, and even a puff counter. The Top 75W Mod list on includes this device.

In order to turn on the Smok AL85, simply insert the 18650 battery and press the firing bar (no little button) five times in rapid succession. The more important settings are right there on the home screen. For the more advanced setting you will need to press the firing bar three times quickly. When you are in Mode, you will be able to switch between temperature control and memory, wattage, and you can which heat setting you prefer. (Soft, Normal or Hard) In Puffs you are able to set a maximum number of puffs along with resetting the puff counter. In Settings you can download firmware that’s been updated, and adjust the resistance of the atomizer. Lastly, Power will let you turn the mod off.

Under the display on the home screen is where you can adjust temperature/wattage by just pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘. You can opt to switch the Vaping mode by simultaneously pressing ‘-‘ and the firing bar. Pressing both the firing bar and the ‘+’ will allow you to change the pre-heat setting. This is surely one of the best vape mods of today.

Battery Life and Performance

Battery life on any mod including the Smok AL85 will depend on a variety of factors such as the battery’s capacity, the wattage at which you vape, and how much you actually use the mod. From my personal experience you will get about half of the life you get with the Alien 220W, which of course makes perfect since as this puppy is powered by just one 18650 battery.

I got about five hours of serious use at around 60W using the Baby Beast tank.  You for sure could get a few more hours if you were to lower the wattage a bit, but that’s not me. Vaping at under 50 watts is just not my cup of tea. The sweet spot for me is between 60W and 90W as I prefer my vapour nice and warm.

While the Smok AL85 does indeed support on-board charging, it doesn’t sport the fast charging technology that is seen nowadays on some of the latest devices. The battery takes a solid three to four hours to completely recharge. Carrying a spare battery is a good idea.


If you’re thinking that the Smok AL85 is a smaller Alien, then you get the picture. It’s got pretty much the same design when it comes to menu, chip. And that fantastic display. It provides you with a power output of 80W which is great, since few people need to go over that. In my opinion, this is a solid device worthy of the Smok name.


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