Top 7 Reasons Why You May Smoke


Do you think you’re cool over there with that cigarette in between your fingers? Or are you so stressed that you need the occasional puff of nicotine? The majority of smokers tend to only smoke socially. Most of the time, smoking is a personal choice. Here are seven reasons why people smoke.

Teenage years. They started out with peer pressure; everyone in their group is smoking! How could they be the only one left out? So there you are, smoking your teenage years away. You couldn’t get out of it no matter how hard you tried. You want to fit in and look mature because all the cool older kids are doing it. The majority of adults started out when they are younger and may never quit because addiction is too strong.
You’re stressed. There’s nothing that can calm you except the short term feelings smoking can give you.  It can suppress your angry, grief, or sadness. In addition to that, it can also calm depression or chronic pain. A cigarette almost acts as a consolidation.

It feels good.  Nicotine releases soothing pain relief. Sometimes smoking can give you more energy when you need it after the usual nine to five. These good feelings only last a short amount of time. Some people would say that smoking helps them think. A full, firm pack in the hand signifies that one is provided for, and gives satisfaction, whereas an almost empty pack creates a feeling of want and gives a decidedly unpleasant impression.

No hobbies. Let’s face it. You are bored and there’s nothing to do, so you hang out with your friends and all they do is smoke. Smoking is enjoyable to some. We are constantly searching for some carefree fun.

Helps Lose weight. Smoking can easily help you lose weight dramatically but extremely unhealthy.

Unemployment. No job means you’re not making enough money to pay the bills, the rent. Which will lead to more stress.

Socially. You go out to party with a couple of friends on a Friday night. You start knocking out drinks like the usual, then it’s time for the casual cig in smoking patios because it feels good with the buzz. The majority of people smoke only when they drink or party. When you do smoke while drinking alcohol, you may tend to chain smoke.

These are some of the reasons why we smoke. We give ourselves reasons and excuses to smoke without even knowing. When you start to find the reasons why you smoke, it will help you change habits that lead you to smoking. The good news is that you are able to quit. It just takes perseverance and control. It’s not as hard as you think. Keep focusing on your daily habits, keep trying, and you’re on your way to a smoke free lifestyle.

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