Vape Moar Spring Fling Eliquid Review


Even though spring is still far away, Vape Moar’s Spring Fling eliquid is here to brush this winter cold off. This premium vape juice suits whatever season we are in. Check out my full review below and see if this is worth a try.

First, let us read its flavor profile: “Spring is Here! We’ve honored the season with a bright and airy citrus eliquid topped with sweet blueberries and pineapple. It’s a flavor that’s guaranteed not to overpower (many of you have asked for less powerful flavors), but that carries a flavor that’s perfectly married to the season. Spring Fling leads with a lemon minus the sour, and finishes with it too. Somewhere in the middle there’s a muddle of sweet berries and tropical that will keep your taste buds just the right amount of happy. We’ve kept this flavor pretty neat, and while the flavor might not be the strongest, it’ll leave you with a cool lemon aftertaste you’ll love.”

“On the other hand, it’s one of the biggest cloud producing E-Liquids we’ve ever seen, so get ready to fling some clouds, too…”

If you know Vape Moar, this company ditches fancy packaging for better pricing. With this in mind, its sampler bottles are presented in a rather simple yet straightforward way. However, even though its price is low, I am impressed that their packaging is not equally cheap. The bottles are wrapped securely, and the plastic bottles are sturdy and are of high quality. Wrapped around the bottle is a white-colored label that shows the company’s tagline “Big Bottles, Small Prices, Happy Vapers.” You can also find other relevant product information like the nicotine level, lot number, flavor name, brand name, and important warnings including Prop 65.

Now I bet you are excited how Spring Fling tastes. Basically, we are looking at three ingredients here, namely, blueberry, pineapple, and lemon. It is impressive to note that all these elements complimented each other in a perfect way. The zesty lemon was not overpowering, the pineapple sweet, and blueberry robust. Overall, this vape liquid has a light and refreshing taste that will leave you coming back for more. And yes, even during the warmer days.

Spring Fling eliquid is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. This works wonderfully well on both dripper and tank. The vape is nice and smooth, and its citrusy lemon touch doesn’t feel like it is choking you out. This vape juice knows how to flaunt its clouds also. It can produce impressively massive clouds even though its vegetable glycerin content is not that high. Believe me, you will forget this is actually a 60/40 blend.

There are five nicotine strength available for this juice. It comes in 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg nicotine levels. Usually, those who do not have any nicotine cravings or are just practicing their vaping skills opt for the 0 mg level. The 2 mg will give that subtle nicotine hit, while the 4 mg is the usual go-to for many vapers. Both the 8 mg and 16 mg suit heavy smokers. Of note, there is actually no concrete answer as to what nicotine level you should start vaping with. Finding the perfect nicotine level is more of a personal preference, and it highly depends on your nicotine hit cravings.

This vape liquid is available in sampler size (18 mL) for as low as $3 only. A 132-ml bottle size is offered for $20. Its flavor is spot on with excellent vapor/cloud production. Its clouds are solid and is a perfect all-day vape with a simple packaging but affordable price. Trust me, this ejuice is not your typical ‘Spring Fling’. Once you try it, you will surely fall in love. (See what I did there?) I am highly recommending this, it is super worth every penny spent.

Meanwhile, Vape Moar takes pride in producing premium quality flavors at pocket-friendly prices. This US based firm  allows you to enjoy a variety of flavors without breaking the bank. Check its Small Prices collection to see what’s in store for you. Interesting flavors like Mellow Gold, Cool Green, Summer Sweetie, Prince Pucker, Fru Fruity, Baker’s Bean, Cool Customer etc, are all up for grabs Vape on!

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