VGOD Tricklyfe Cubano E-Juice Review


VGOD Tricklyfe’s new Cubano vape juice has got everyone in the vaping community going gaga. But let us check out if this is really worth the craze.

“Cubano tastes just like a great Cuban Cigar smells topped off with a drizzle of vanilla cream! If you enjoy a rich, robust, Cuban tobacco flavor mellowed with creamy smooth vanilla goodness then look no further than VGOD Ejuice Cubano.”

Once you open a bottle of Cubano vape juice, your nostrils will be treated to a sweet smelling vanilla flavor. It is not like other tobacco-based e-juices that greet you with a strong tobacco scent. Those who love the smell of vanilla will surely fall for this.

When you vape it, the creamy and sweet vanilla flavor is the most dominant flavor in the blend. The tobacco flavor is certainly in here, although it does not appear like the usual dreadful synthetic flavor of old. With each puff, the tobacco flavor manages to make its way past the vanilla taste. I am not pretty sure of this, but I think this is to mellow down the very strong tobacco components on this e-juice. For some, tobacco can be a bit overwhelming on the throat. But Cubano has a scrumptious flavor without being sickly.

Cubano by VGOD bears some resemblance to Black Note Adagio. Their flavor almost has the same characteristics in terms of the classic Cuban Havana flavor. The only difference is that Cubano is not a naturally-extracted tobacco flavor.

One thing I love about Cubano by VGOD is that it does not leave your mouth and throat feeling dry. But of course, just like any other e-juices, vaping this for lengthy sessions can make you feel parched. How about complimenting this with a glass of your favorite drink then? Let us say a glass of wine to chill out in comfort.

Cubano by VGOD is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It is important to note that even though the vanilla tries to tone the flavor down, Cubano may still produce a strong throat hit for others. But just like other VGOD e-juices, you can expect excellent cloud production from this one. The clouds are pretty impressive in size, are dense, and they tend to linger in the air for a while.

There are three nicotine strengths available for this vape liquid. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine. What many do not know is that Cubano is designed to be used with QuickNic nicotine shots, which is sold separately. The bottles are left with ample space for you to add 10 mL of 18 mg QuickNic nicotine. After adding the shot plus a little shake, your Cubano e-liquid is immediately ready for vaping. Always remember that only a single QuickNic bottle is required at a MAX achievable strength of 3 mg.

Cubano comes in a glass bottle with a child-resistant cap. Wrapped around the bottle is a brown-colored label that displays a huge tiki mask. The eye-catching label contains relevant product information such as the brand name, flavor name, size, and nicotine level. Looking at it, VGOD really invested an incredible amount of effort to make Cubano look this good. Kudos though, because the effort paid off.

This VGOD vape juice is available in 60-mL bottles which are selling for as low as $17.99. Price-wise, Cubano is pretty friendly to the pocket than the Black Note brand. Besides, it offers the same authentic tobacco experience. You can get this e-liquid at

Overall, tobacco lovers will enjoy Cubano’s brilliantly smooth Cuban cigar taste with hints of creamy vanilla flavors. It is fresh, rich, and authentic. Former smokers who crave Cuban cigar flavor will be satisfied. The cloud production of this e-liquid is excellent too. Both cloud and flavor chasers will love Cubano.

Meanwhile, VGOD has another tobacco-flavored e-juice in its line-up called the Coco. This British brand also has a whole lot of flavors, ranging from fruits, candies, and desserts to creams and menthol vapes. Some of the VGOD e-liquids up for grabs at include Dewbie, Bak-Lava, Blue Dream, Coil Whip, Lushice, Luscious, Sourlicious, Tornad-o, Wacky Taffy, Berry Flurry, Peach Green Tea, and Cubano Black to name a few. Happy Vaping, people!

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