What are Electronic Cigarettes in use for?


Electronic Cigarettes in use for simulating tobacco smoking with the same look, feel flavor, and nicotine content of tobacco smoke. These smokeless cigarettes use heat to produce vapor instead of harmful smoke.

This vapor delivers all the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful chemicals from burning tobacco. Some people refer for electronic cigarettes as electric smoking, electronic health cigarettes, or a tobacco alternative.

The designs of electronic cigarettes are portable and often look similar to a ball point pen or analog cigarette. The size of the electronic cigarettes depends on the capacity of the battery which can vary in appearances as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and custom modifications.

E-cigs come in difference packages that are reusable with replaceable parts that allow you to modify them specifically to your needs. There are even models out there that are one-time use, which means you use the electronic cigarette with a certain number of puffs and dispose of them when the cartridge or battery runs out (disposable).

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco alternatives that may be the better choice to analog cigarette smoking. The vapor produced delivers the satisfaction of smoking, without the harmful chemicals from tar such as carbon monoxide, rat poison, and other cancer causing agents. However, these devices are intended only for people who are of the legal age of smoking depending on states (usually 18+ or 21+) and who are already current smokers.

There are 3 main components to understanding what an electronic cigarette is made of. The e-cig is made of a Cartridge, Atomizer, and Battery. The cartridge is the mouthpiece that stores the liquid nicotine (e-liquid) for the atomizer to vaporize the e-liquid. The voltage from the battery delivers power to the atomizer from the press of a manual switch or automatic switch upon inhalation. A Cartomizer is the combination of a cartridge and atomizer in one.

There are various methods to deliver E-Liquid to the atomizer:

  • Pre-Filled Cartridges – these cartridges contain a certain amount of liquid suspended inside storing the nicotine juice. These cartridges can be refilled with e-liquid.
  • E-liquid can be dripped directly onto the atomizer by dropping 1-2 drops of e-liquid onto the atomizer. A drip tip accessory can make this task easier.
  • A tank cartridge is used in combination with a tank atomizer. These can be re-used and re-filled storing extra e-liquid, this allows for longer sessions and less re-filling.
  • Cartomizer – This is an atomizer combined with a built in tank cartridge. The Cartomizer either comes pre-fill or empty and can be re-used and re-filled.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe to use? Find out exactly what is in an e-cigarette.

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