Wisemec Reuleaux RX75 TC Box Mod Review


The Wisemec Reuleaux RX75 is possibly the best single battery vape mod on the market. This Wisemec mod was inspired by VapingWithTwisted420 and designed by Jay Bo.  It is easily the sleekest device in the Wisemec Reuleaux series and comes with enough power to meet the requirements of most vapers. This mod will enable you to enjoy your e-liquid to the fullest; whether you are after clouds or flavor.

The Wisemec Reuleaux RX75 Box Mod has an unusual design. It is made of stainless steel and has a dimension of 87mm by 47mm by 22.5mm with a brushed metal finish. The OLED screen, firing button and battery compartment are not immediately visible when you look at the mod. You have to open an interchangeable hinged front cover to find the OLED screen and adjustment buttons. The screen shows the settings of the device including its resistance, temperature, wattage, and battery level. You can opt for a transparent front cover so that you do not have to flip it open to see the screen.

The firing button of the RX75 mod doubles as the door of the battery compartment. The sliding door is held in place by a magnetic lock. You can lock the firing button to prevent any accidents when the mod is not being used. The hidden firing button and OLED screen of this mod give it a unique and impressive appearance. It also has rounded edges, so it fits well in your grip.

The verdict is split on the design of the mod. You will find that while some people praise the mod in e-cig reviews, others who are used to the conventional mod designs claim to need some time to get used to the RX75. Whatever the case, there’s no question about the performance of this Wisemec mod.

The Wisemec Reuleaux RX75 Mod runs on a single 18650 battery. It has a wattage range of 1E to 75W. The mod comes with a micro USB cable for charging the mod and for firmware upgrade. The charging port is located on the side of the mod, and it supports pass-through charging so you can vape with it while the charger is still plugged.

There is a stainless steel threaded 51p connection with a gold-plated pin on top of the mod for attaching an atomizer. The battery compartment is slightly higher than the level of the 510 connection. This gives the mod a one-of-a-kind look when you fix an atomizer. The RX75 can only fit tanks or RDA that have a diameter of 22mm or less. Because of the high part behind the 510 connection, most large mods would not fit on properly, so there’s no use even trying.

The Reuleaux RX75 has a temperature control mode that is compatible with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wire coils. It also has a bypass mode where the mod basically functions as a mechanical mod. There is also a wattage mode and TCR mode. The RX75 has a resistance range of 0.1 ohms to 3.5 ohms in normal wattage mode as well as in bypass. In the temperature control mode, the resistance range of the mod is 0.05 ohm to 1.5 ohms. The device has a temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

This mod has several inbuilt safety features including dual circuit and short circuit protection, high voltage protection, low resistance protection, reverse polarity protection as well as low voltage protection. You will also find ventilation holes on the sides and bottom of the mod to keep it from overheating.

You can get the Wisemec Reuleaux RX75 Box Mod on just about any well-stocked vape store. It is available on the Volcano E-Cigs shop for $62.98. The mod is mainly black. However, you have the option of choosing other versions of the mod with either a blue or red part under the front hinged door.

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