Zaza Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review


Zaza delta initially began as a brand operating in the delta 9 cannabis space. Over time, it has become the industry’s sensation by progressively moving into other spaces, such as the delta 8 distillate. It is a brand that is based in Los Angeles and creates products that circulate the market all around the world. It has gained fame from its previous products, which are of high quality and the most recent technology. 

Recently, Zaza has created the Zaza delta 8 vape cartridge, which has become a staple for many delta 8 enthusiasts. The cartridge is compatible with most 510-threaded batteries. You are guaranteed quality products because Zaza uses third-party lab tests to ascertain the quality of delta 8 distillate. Compromised quality will never be an issue if you use this Zaza cartridge. The reports are available for each product. 

Each cartridge has a 940mg capacity ensuring you enjoy long sessions with this device and get maximum satisfaction. Here is everything you need to know about these Zaza carts


The primary delta 8 strains are nine, each having a distinct and personalized effect on the consumer. The strains can either be classified as Sativa, Indica, or hybrid. The impact they have on your body depends mainly on the dominant strain. If you are seeking a reliable cartridge to pair with your favorite device, then this Zaza delta 8 cartridge is why you should look no more.


This hybrid strain makes you feel extremely calm and collected, giving you clarity of mind and a subsequent happy feeling.

Black mamba

The first impression of this strain on your taste buds is a sweet and fruity taste that blows off your mind. It helps you keep cool by making all issues seem lighter and clearing your mind. If you are looking for a strain that relaxes you after a long tiring day, this black mamba is your perfect shot.

Green crack

This is a great strain to kick-start your day. It elevates your mood and guarantees you an energized whole day. It is great to have when you anticipate an eventful day ahead and need extra energy to make it to the evening.

MK Ultra

This is one particular strain that you cannot afford to leave behind. It gives you a full-body effect, almost like an energy makeover. You feel rejuvenated regardless of your previous activity. It’s a strain that is rich in indica.

OG Kush

Sometimes you are in the mood to have a happy day, but the body won’t cooperate, which is where this strain comes in. once you puff on this strain you are bound to be the energy in the room. It is a hybrid strain and makes you feel good about yourself.

Purple punch

This is excellent if you prefer a strain that gives off herbal, sweet, and fruity flavors. It is indica dominant and makes you feel relaxed so you can catch some good night’s sleep.

Super jack

A Sativa-dominant strain that motivates you towards working on your daily goals and gives you the energy to do so. It is a must-have in your collection.


Zaza is a reputable brand that has built itself a stellar reputation as the go-to choice for all things delta 8-related. This cartridge displays the brand’s dedication to producing top-tier products. If you want a portable, aesthetic, and high-performing device, look no further than the Zaza delta 8 cartridges. 

Where to purchase the Zaza delta 8 vape cartridge

You can purchase the Zaza delta 8 cartridges from the Superstrain website for $19.99. This is the leading delta 8 store in the United States. Visit the site and get treated to a wide range of products and tons of deals.

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