A Simple Guide toMaking Your First DIY E-Liquid


Buying Ingredients
Shipping is a disadvantage when making your own e-juice.But you don’t need to order from many vendors to have all ingredients. Find a vendor who can supply all the ingredients for you. The shipping costs will be lesser.

Necessary Equipment
Use syringes to measure the volume of each ingredient. Buy one syringe for one ingredient. But if one syringe for all, it’s risky to contaminate the flavors. Keep it clean after every ingredient. Also, use bottles to provide more than you need. You can mix anything with it. They are cheap and have all sizes and shapes. You can shake the bottles after mixing.

Ways to Measure by Volume
Count Drops

This method is the least accurate. A dropper can expel a different size drop depending on how you hold it.

This method is the most accurate for measuring by volume. Pair it with a pipette pump. But it is not that precise as the syringe. Invest a good digital balance scale.

This method is the least difficult for measuring by volume. The needles on the syringe make the process easier except measuring thick VG. Just remove the needle when extracting VG. To handle syringes, draw liquid from the syringe. Let the needle submerged in the liquid. Push the liquid back into the bottle to get the correct amount. If done correctly, no bubbles are inside the syringe. Use the bottom of the plunger as the marking point.

Be careful to put the syringe back in the flavoring container. Not flushing it with water is risky for contamination.

Spillage is not okay. You are dealing with highly concentrated liquids. You don’t want your house smell like bananas for a couple of days. It won’t disperse despite many cleaning efforts.

Use a mixing tray to hold all supplies. This prevents potential spills. Or use a sturdy cookie sheet. The lip stops any spill from spreading. The cleanup is easier too.

Another way to measure and mix e-liquids is by weight. This is the most common one. People find is repetitive, easier, faster, cheap, and more accurate than by volume.

Making Your First eLiquid
Put safety first. Wear apron or lab coat, gloves, and glasses. Gather the ingredients and measuring instruments. Take out your notebook and pen for easy reference. Rinse the bottles with distilled water. Clean the work area without debris and obstructions. Also, follow your recipe closely. There are many beginner-level e-juice recipes online.

Shake the nicotine solution first. Then mix it with the VG and PG as well as the flavor concentrate. The order of the ingredients does not matter. Let the small bubbles rise up to the top for about 10 minutes. This dissipates them.

Secure a discard cup or container to throw away used syringes. This makes it easy to clean. Fill it with distilled water about halfway.

Measure the flavor and add it to an empty bottle. Use a 1mL syringe and put in the discard cup. Cover and set it aside, not near the unused ingredients. Write each process in your notebook.

Do these steps on other flavors. Use a 10mL syringe. Measure the VG and add it to a 30mL bottle. Then, put in the discard cup. Use a 5mL syringe for the PG.

Note: The percentages of the total liquid volume and weight are different. You can add flavors to the volume of other liquids. This will result to diluting them. The flavors are already concentrated. It is best to do the process as needed. Other flavors available in the market need to be diluted before they can be used. This is only rare and is exempted. But taking note is important.

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