Black Note Forte Eliquid Review


Black Note has dedicated its entire lineup to tobacco flavors. The company aims to provide its customers depth and complex flavors that are unique not only to the taste buds but also to the ears (because we’ve never probably heard of them before). One of its in demand vape juices is the Forte, which is a burley tobacco blend. Find out below if this deserves a try.

“Burley tobacco is sensationally smooth, and subtly sweet. Black Note’s Forte features the full-bodied flavour for which burley tobacco has long been recognized. The tobacco is first cultivated in Naple’s fertile soils, then dried in the shade and patiently air-cured in the region’s fresh air.”

Forte is an eliquid that is subtle and sweet. It has a rich and full-bodied taste that screams deliciousness throughout. It also has a nice woody and nutty taste with no bitter or sour taste. The vape juice runs smooth on the throat, and the aroma comes gently accompanied with a warm and soft sweetness. However, contrary to its name Forte (which means loud), this vape juice has a more smooth and mellow intensity.

This vape juice is a blend of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol. Its throat hit runs smooth and mild, just enough to let you know it exists. As for the clouds, you can expect huge and dense ones that do not disappear right away. This baby is a cloud machine, and it can easily fill any room with tobacco-scented clouds. Some may not like it compared to fruity flavors, but this will surely take previous cigarette smokers a trip down to memory lane.

Black Note Forte comes in four different nicotine strengths. It is available in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg of nicotine. Black Note has creatively dedicated names for each level. The 18 mg level, dubbed as “Toning Down to Alto,” has a pretty strong hit. It is recommended for long-time smokers who are ready to tone down. The 12 mg level is called “Calming with Contralto.” This is the perfect mid-level nicotine blend that will keep you feeling soothed. The 6 mg level or “Tamer with Tenor” is somewhere in between. It is not too high or too low, and it offers a peacefully tasteful tame experience. Lastly, the 3 mg level or “Mellowed on Baritone” is somewhere between the tameness of tenor and the purity of bass. This is the last level until a vaper totally becomes nicotine-free.

Of note, all these are merely guidelines and are not clear-cut answers to picking the right nicotine level. Getting the correct nicotine strength is still a personal journey you need to take. Always remember that nicotine level is very vital when starting vaping, and it can either make or break your entire vaping experience.

In terms of packaging, Black Note Forte flaunts a classic and vintage look. I love how Black Note made its presentation with attention to detail. The bottle comes in a cylindrical cardboard tube, which is designed with some worn paper finishing. Relevant product information like a brief product description, brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, batch number, and the usual warnings can be found displayed on the bottle. There is a leaflet inserted also where you can find  more detailed information about the product. The ejuice, on the other hand, comes in a classical medical shaped bottle with a child-resistant cap. The cap also serves as a dripper, making it easier for you to transfer your ejuice into any tank or atomizer.

Several eliquid makers are actually trying to perfect an authentic tobacco flavor. However, because of its intricacy, not many are deemed successful. Black Note is one of the lucky few to have properly captured the real tobacco essence, thanks to its very meticulous and rigid extraction process. Aside from that, all its products are made from naturally extracted tobacco, making its flavor tastes like a real tobacco.

Black Note Forte is available in a 30-mL bottle for $37.99 at New Zealand Ecigstore. I bet you are now shaking your head from dismay or shock. To tell you the truth, this is actually worth the price. And if you really calculate the entire process and high-quality ingredients, its price is actually way cheaper. So tobacco lovers, trust me, this is a really good investment to make.

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