Chill Cool Mango E Liquid Review


Is it mango season already because I am really craving for some good sweet mangoes in here? But seriously, I am in search for the ultimate mango flavor and I plan to share with you everything I find interesting. As promised, I found this delicious vape I can’t get over with; it is called Cool Mango by Chill E-Liquids. Here are my thoughts.

If we check its website, it says that the Cool Mango blend is “a cooling tropical twist on a ripe juicy mango. Inhale sweetness and exhale the cooling sensation of koolata. This is your new all day vape!” Time to drip this big old flavor of this mango ejuice and get some sweet blend goodness from here.

First and foremost, I would like to commend how good this Chill premium e liquid is. It did an excellent job in terms of replicating the sweet and rich mango flavor with some honey undertone. This is like heaven in a bottle!

On the inhale, you will immediately and unmistakably notice the mango sweetness base. It is really sweet and rich in flavor. Added to this already yummy flavor are little bits of hints of guava and a splash of honeydew. All the good flavors mix up and produce an icy cold koolada upon exhale.

I have to admit, if you know your mangoes, then this will remind you of the carabao mangoes. (dubbed as the world’s sweetest) Chill E-liquids really knows what it is doing, taking this Cool Mango flavor into the next cooling throat sensation level.

As for the smell, try to close your eyes and forget that this is a vape juice. The sweet smell of mangoes goes right straight to your nose, making your mouth drool. It smells and tastes natural, and that’s a pretty huge factor for a mango junkie like me. I mean, I really love mangoes, and season or not season, I always buy some whenever I see them. Nothing beats the smell of fresh mangoes at home.

In terms of presentation, this e-juice kind-of remind me of the cartoon film Frozen. The label comes in a grayish to black color with a boldly and largely printed brand name “Chill” in front, which is printed in a frozen ice font. It comes with a child-resistant dropper cap that will help you transfer e-liquids from the container to the atomizer. It also prevents children from getting into accidents of some sort. Just below the brand name you can find the flavor name “Cool Mango” that is printed prominantly in yellow. Then the nicotine concentration level is found right under it as well. Other important information or facts about the blend such as manufacturing and expiration dates are displayed on the sides.

This blend has a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio. Clouds for such ratio are pretty huge and they fill up the room easily. They are dense and do not disperse quickly as well. In terms of vapor production, this e-juice is no slouch. This blend contains natural and artificial flavor, USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and USP nicotine.

This is an absolutely perfect all-day vape in case you are hunting for one. It can be a perfect poolside drink, but it is very well still suitable all-year round. The flavor is not gaggy, no harsh throat hit, and no nose burning sensation. This is really smooth and pleasant, and you will undeniably enjoy every puff you take from this.

Chill offers this blend in three nicotine options – 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg. If you are up for some strong hits, then go for the 6 mg. It suits experienced or veteran vapers well. The 3 mg of nicotine version is recommended for those who wants average hit or those who are just giving vaping a try with some hint of nicotine of course. Then the 0 mg is for those wanting to taste the flavor with no nicotine at all.

Buy vape juices onlineand score some sweet deals. You can get a 60-mL bottle of Cool Mango for as low as $24.99 on its website. This can last up to several weeks, with average use of course. Price-wise, this is already affordable. And trust me, this baby is worth the investment.

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