Vaper’s Tongue: What It Is and How to Fix It

Vaper’s Tongue: What It Is and How to Fix It


If you’re a vaper, then you’ve probably heard the term “vaper’s tongue.” But what the hell does that mean? It sounds like a weird disease!

Fear, not vapers, it’s not some crazy vaping transmitted disease from sharing your mod unprotected. The term just means that you can’t taste your juice anymore. Which kind of sounds worse too much time Maybe.

More specifically, vaper’s tongue, or vaping fatigue, means that you’re losing your sense of taste for a particular juice that you’ve been vaping for a long time.

So disclaimer, this is going to be a non-scientific article. Well quasi-scientific.

“Vaper’s Tongue” is an unexpected and sudden condition where the vaper will experience a diminished experience of e-liquid Concentrated Flavors during vaping. Vaper’s Tongue is a nearly universal phenomenon that arises anytime in a vapers lifetime.

Vapers Tongue & You – What causes vaper’s tongue?

Well, like I said, this is going to be a non-scientific article. So there can be a whole range of things that can cause a loss of taste from neurological disorders, burning your tongue, etc.There are lots of reason why a vapor may experience vaper’s tongue: But we’re only talking about vaping here, so I’m going to use some deductive reasoning here.

Dehydration – Vapor is popularly known for absorbing moisture.  Therefore, when vape the mouth can become extremely dry. A significant cause of reduced taste is dehydration or a dry mouth. I don’t know about you, but if I’m hitting the vape nonstop, my mouth tends to get a little dry. Saliva helps the molecules in food and drink to reach the receptors on your tongue better, so it’s reasonable to assume that if your mouth is dry from vaping too much, you probably won’t be able to taste the liquid as well right?

It’s All in the Nose

Recently “kicked the habit” –  When you start vaping just after get rid of smoking habits your taste buds may be overwhelmed by all the awesome e-juice flavors!  In time, they will adjust. The cause of reduced taste is something messing with your sense of smell. Vaping can work for some people, and depending on the type of liquid (PG to VG ratio) can dry your sinuses out or clog your sinuses which will affect your sense of smell, and therefore affect your sense of taste.

Being sick – Changing weather or natural health problems with a cold or sinus problems, sometimes taste the e-liquid (or food/drinks for that matter). Your senses of taste and smell are altered when you are sick.

And my personal favorite reason is overstimulation –The human body can get used to things and adapt very quickly to different stimuli. For example, alcohol tolerance. The more you drink alcohol, over time, the more you need to drink to get buzzed. And yes I know that is a different process in your brain and body that causes that tolerance compared to what’s going on when you vape, but it’s just an example of your body adapting.

So with that in the context of vaping –  If you’re vaping on one flavor for a long time, I believe that your taste buds are adapting to that flavor because they are over-stimulated with the specific molecules and chemicals that make that flavor, which then fatigues your taste buds.

So what’s the cure for vapers tongue?

Possible Remedies for Vaper’s Tongue:

Well, the easiest one is just to let your taste buds reset and use premium quality vape liquid
that contain healthy   Flavours. Try dripping a different a couple of rounds, and then go back to the one you got vaper’s tongue on and see what happens. More than likely, you’ll notice that the flavor is back. But if you go right back to vaping that flavor, you’ll probably get vaper’s tongue much quicker than before because your taste buds haven’t had enough time to reset all the way.

It Just Happens

This is the most maddening – sometimes your sense of taste just goes on vacation. It can last a few days to as long as several weeks. While there’s no immediately solution that is the “best”, a lot of vapers recommend hitting your taste buds with a “shock and awe” approach. Try a bold flavor like menthol or cinnamon.

Consider your Nose

Your tongue tastes 5 things: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. That’s it.

Your tongue DOES NOT taste pizza, strawberries, cola, etc. This is the job of your olfactory sensors at the top of your nasal passage. Chemical signatures combined with sense memory make you think strawberry, for example, when you smell something similar but not strawberry. You are actively recalling a mental image of a strawberry when you smell these scents. You learned the association.

That’s why a real strawberry and that artificial strawberry gives you the same response even though the two really don’t smell the same, but you still think “strawberry”. It’s also why if you spend enough time in a scented candle shop, everything starts to eventually smell like dish soap and nothing smells unique anymore.

If your body is being stubborn and your olfactory and taste sense have gone on strike, here are some other methods to try:

Mouthwash: This isn’t guaranteed to work every time, especially if the problem is in your olfactory region. It is a good way to cleanse your palate, plus your mouth feels fresh.

Coffee grounds: There is a technique that chocolatiers, perfumes, tea buyers, spice merchants, anyone who professionally uses their sense of taste and smell (which essentially the same thing) have used for hundreds of years. They shock their olfactory sensors into “resetting”. All you have to do is open a bag or can of freshly ground coffee and take several deep inhales. Be careful not to actually inhale any grounds. The unique molecular structure of the coffee odorants does this “resetting”. My wife used to sell Scentsy products and when she had “smelling” parties she always had little pouches of fresh coffee for guests to smell in between samples. This helped prevent them from burning out their nose.

Lemons: Some vapers recommend sucking on a lemon or swishing a quick shot of lemon juice. It’s got a pucker factor of 10 and isn’t the most pleasant experience but they swear by it.

If your body is being stubborn and your olfactory and taste sense have gone on strike, here are some other methods to try:

Pickles: Got vapor tongue? Grab yourself a kosher dill pickle and munch away. Pickles sometimes do the trick, plus they’re delicious and a hell of a lot easier to tolerate that sucking on a lemon.

I’ve noticed that this occurs more and faster with custard and cream flavors than with fruit or mint flavors. So if the taste is getting dull on my custard flavors, I switch over to fruit for a little while and then back to custard.

This is all stuff I’ve noticed from personal observation and using what I know about taste loss to make an educated guess. If you have any other theories, post them in the comments below!


*Prolonged taste loss that carries over to food and drink can be a serious issue. If that happens, talk to a doctor. We’re just talking about losing taste when vaping a flavor too much time here.

Probably need this disclaimer too:

**Always be safe when vaping, especially when sharing an unprotected mod. You know, without a plastic tip on the drip tip. And just in general. Ok, this is getting awkward.

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