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Vendor: Cloud Alchemist, 805 Industry Dr. Tukwila, WA 98188

Cloud Alchemist is a small company, founded in 2013, providing great tasting premium e-liquids. Located in Washington, they provide USA-made e-liquids and offer all-natural and artificial flavors.

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This e-liquid has the nice smooth taste of wild blueberries. It is not overpowering by any means. Once it hits your palate you will notice that smooth taste of honey. This juice has artfully crafted the blueberries, and infused with a natural creamy rich flavor. The aroma and flavor of this e-juice are appealing to the palate and mind. I could see this becoming one of my favorite vapes.





Estival tastes like watermelon smoothie drinks made with strawberry, apricot, and coconut. I definitely get a berry flavor with this one.  It’s a nice tasting watermelon e-juice with a berry flavor. Throat hit was nice, as well as vapor production.


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This is a Woody Italian tobacco flavor, laced with cardamom and clove with a touch of the complex sweet component. It is woody and sweet, while still maintaining a tobacco essence. Since I’m a tobacco kind of guy, I really like this one. Has a really great taste with a nice throat hit. I know that there are other sweet complex offerings out there, but this one is at the top.

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Glacialis Menta

 An excellent blend of icy mints and cool menthol with a nutty finish that will tantalize your taste buds. That’s nice since I like being able to switch to a menthol vape from time to time. I would consider it a very light menthol. If you’d like a change up to a smooth menthol, you should give Glacialis Menta a try.


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Exotic dragonfruit, natural strawberry, and banana flavors blended together beautifully. This one has a very smooth, slightly sweet taste. You can taste the fresh strawberry and banana. This would be a nice change-up vape.

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This has a sweet fresh strawberry taste that’s  dolloped with vanilla-almond whipped ice cream flavor.  Based on sweet dessert shortcake, this flavor has a creamy, sweet and mouthful almond flavor. It’s a vape with light sweet tones. I found it to have a very smooth vanilla taste, with caramel undertones. It is a very nice dessert vape that gives a great throat hit

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Acer Dulcia

This vape comes close to the real thing. It has a definite maple mix nutty, apple crisp flavor to it. Sometimes when testing a new juice, I can vape just one or two tanks, and get the feel for the flavor. This one I had to vape the whole bottle. Not because the flavor eluded me, but because I was really enjoying it. If you like that nutty/apply flavor, you will love this. It’s a very nice fruit blend, that will make the fruit vapers smile.





Promised Land

 The mixture of honey and savory cinnamon definitely comes through on this one. It has a great, light sweetness and smells great.  It is a very mellow, slightly sweet honey flavor that certainly would work as an all day vape. If you like a smooth tobacco vape with a hint of sweetness, then I would certainly recommend you give this a try.

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Macer Menta

Sweet, smooth, and soft. I love dark chocolate. The darker the better. I love mint. The two together is a smash. When I ordered a 30ml bottle from Cloud Alchemist, I wasn’t sure what to really expect. I have tested some ‘flavored’ juices from other producers, where the flavoring it was named for, just wasn’t coming through. The very first vape left a smile on my face. I can really taste the mingling of dark chocolate and mint. If you are a chocolate and mint lover, you will love this wonderful e-liquid by Cloud Alchemist.

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PG/VG Ratios: 20/80, 50/50


Nicotine Levels:    No Nicotine 0mg   1.5mg   03mg   06mg   12m


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