Magic Juice Premium E-Liquid


Magic Juice Premium E-Liquid has been around since 2013!

This premium e-liquid has been one of Vape Doctor’s first exclusive eliquid that have allowed vapers to find their perfect all day vape.

The flavor profiles Magic Juice Offers are unique in their own right that has undergone hundreds of trails to deliver the some of most Mouth Watering taste and vapor production in the industry today!

Magic Juice high-quality standards set the bar high by using USP kosher grade Nicotine, Propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and GRAS flavorings. Magic Juice is now in cGMP lab so you know these excellent tasting flavors are made in a facility you can trust.

One of the highlights of the flavors at Magic Juice is their unique flavor profiles that nostalgic childhood candies like Airheads inspire candy flavors, that features the Blue Raspberry and the Red watermelon.   Exotic fruit flavors feature Double Dragon which tastes like a melon, pear, and strawberry combo.

Prestige is your exotic tropical flavor of guava strawberry with hints of pineapple that makes you feel like you’re relaxing on a warm beach of a blue lagoon paradise. Like grape flavors but can’t find one on the market that doesn’t taste like cough medicine? Purple Rain by Magic Juice has got to be one of the best tasting grape e-liquids on the market; it tastes more like drinking a grape Kool-aid or eating some purple skittles candies.

One of the best sellers from Vape Doctor of all time has got to be the sweet savory flavor, The Roast. This coffee inspired flavor has a cafe latte base with sweet bakery notes of cinnamon rolls and vanilla frosting. A simply amazing all day vape flavor if you like savory flavors. It’s also not too heavy on the coffee either so that if you’re not exactly a coffee lover, you will be with The Roast by Magic Juice!

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