Smart Cartridge – Smart Tank Carts


Product Description

Smart Cartridge – Smart Tank Carts

  • Stores up to 1ml of E-Liquid Rx
  • Comes Empty or Prefilled with Marble High Flavor
  • Reusable, Easy To refill
  • Clear Side Window view

The smart cart can hold up to 1ml of e-liquid inside a clear tank that can be slid out. Fits all 510 and eGo atomizers. Delivers more consistent flavor and vapor production with each hit. Each pack comes with a set of 5 smart carts.

To refill, remove the clear tank from the cartridge. On the bottom of the clear tank, carefully move the soft padding slightly to the side inserting tip from e-liquid bottle close by. Slowly drip liquid into the clear tank carefully to avoid overflow. A dripper or syringe can be used to drip past the soft padding for ease of refilling.

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