Bubba Jug Watermelon E Liquid Review


I am certainty tired of vape juices that only offer cheap thrills and shallow sensation of escapism. For a long time, I’ve been on a lookout for a real e juice. The one that gives me a real kick and takes me into the surreal world that never actually leaves me. This sounds ambitious, isn’t it. But being a diehard vaper, I was determined to find such an exceptional e juice. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for too long as I bumped into Bubba Jug Watermelon e liquid. Now this is what you call a real vape juice.

Not only is it juicy like a watermelon fruit, but is also incredibly delicious. After vaping this e liquid, I bet your taste buds would go for a long thrilling ride. But what it does to your mind and senses is actually more worth praising. It will simply tranquilize your mind and senses, but won’t overpower them in anyway. Expectedly, this feeling of tranquility lasts only for fleeting moments, but I personally found these moments to be very fulfilling. This is surely because this vape juice doesn’t believe in giving cheap thrills, which as all of you may now know is exactly the reason why I chose to review this product.

Talking more about the taste, I would like to assure all the prospective buyers that it is not overtly sweet. At least, I found the taste to be pretty balanced and for this I would surely like to credit the company. I would be disclosing more about the company in later part of this review. As of now in this part, I would like to give more assurances especially to address your concerns on side effects. Without any shred of doubt in my mind, I can certainly claim that that this e juice is absolutely harmless. In fact, it does not cause any minor side effects either like coughing or migraine problems.

Coming to the ingredients, then watermelon obviously is the main ingredient in Bubba Jug Watermelon e liquid. And going by the authentic water melon taste that it brings forth, I would like to believe that the company has handpicked fresh water melons to make this flavor. Moving ahead, this stuff boosts standard ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), i.e. 70/30. It also boosts good vapor production, which obviously means that you’ll get to enjoy lot of puff after every single vape.

As for packaging, I am glad that Bubba Jug Watermelon hasn’t gone for the usual boring packaging style. Its packaging comes across as more kiddy and casual, but surely manages to raise the eye brows and also expectations. This product’s package also fulfills the important responsibility of enlisting the details of all the ingredients on the package.

In the above paragraph, I’d promised that I would be telling more about the company that manufactures this wonderful e liquids. Well, name of this company is ‘Restless’ and frankly that is all I know about this company. But scant knowledge won’t stop me from rating this company as one of the promising and upcoming companies in the e liquid industry. My claim is surely based on fact that I have vaped several vape juices of this company and found all them to be delicious and satisfying.

Vapers can find all Restless’ products including Bubba Jug Watermelon e liquid at all the leading retail stores and also scores of popular online shopping websites. If you’re someone who doesn’t trust online shopping sites easily, then I would like to recommend www.ejuiceblowout.com. This is one of the best online shopping sites to find the best e-liquid deals.

However, before adding Bubba Jug Watermelon e liquid into your cart, you would surely want to know the price of this vape juice. Well, cost of this product at retail stores is between $52 to 54, while buyers can purchase at discounted price of $34.99 on several online shopping sites.

In the end, I would like to give huge thumbs up to Bubba Jug Watermelon e juice. Vape it and get lost into its juicy and thrilling taste. Not to mention you’ll also lose into fleeting moments of magic, which is deep and utterly satisfying experience. There is surely nothing shallow about this e liquid.

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