CBDfx Rainbow Candy CBD Vape Juice Review


Even before CBD vape juice became a thing, my friends and I were enjoying its benefits – since probably mid-2016. Although the demand has increased, one thing has not changed, the brand that I prefer is CBDfx.

Back in 2015, the brand was basically testing the waters. I remembered it only offered limited CBD vape juice flavors. But if you look at it now, you can see a wide variety of CBD products, from capsules and gummies to even to drinks, topicals, and skincare. The fact that the company grew this much only means that it can be trusted by many people all through these years.

For a vaper like me, introducing CBD vape juices feels like moving up to another level of vaping. I love that I get to enjoy vaping while reaping all the benefits CBD have in store for us.

Currently, CBDfx offers CBD vape juices in blue raspberry, fruity cereal, rainbow candy, strawberry kiwi, strawberry milk, and wild watermelon flavor. For the long time that I have been with this brand, the rainbow candy flavor is something that I would crave from time to time.

Aside from the fact that Rainbow CBD Vape Juice will really bring you down the memory lane, the unique and delicate tastes of the different flavors are worth the try. Now, if you have a sweet tooth, take note of my review below.

The one thing I like about this flavor is that it mixes ingredients up, yet it produces a taste like no other. Ever heard of the line “beauty amid the chaos?” Well, I think this is the best line to describe this blend. Sweetened red strawberries, grapes, tart green apples… There is so much going around, but you love every shifts and transformation the notes take.

It offers a colorful chewy candy flavor on the inhale and exhale, and those sweet notes sweep across the palate on each and every vape. Notably, the exhale offers a bright and citrusy taste that resembles an orange and then complemented by some sourness of freshly squeezed lemon limes.

But Rainbow Candy is not only meant to entice flavor chasers but cloud chasers too. Although the ratio between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is not specified, each puff of this vape liquid delivers massive cloud production.

So, I guess vaping this CBD-infused e-liquid is like hitting three birds with one stone – good flavor, big clouds, and CBD benefits.

Now, as I said, there are plenty of vape juice makers who promise to infuse quality CBD oil into it. But this fact does not apply to all, and I strongly believe this is the reason people start to think CBD is just a fad that will soon fade away.

Just like anything you buy, quality is an important and topmost consideration, especially if they are something you ingest or inhale into your body. In this area, CBDfx never failed or fell short.

Each CBD-infused vape juice bottle contains CBD oil that is sourced from organic hemp farms in Europe. Then, the oil is carefully processed in a cGMP certified facility to ensure that the purest and best quality CBD oil.

I was honestly thankful when I learned about this. Before, eating sweets was my stress buster. And guess what? I only gained weight. After switching to CBD vape juice, I felt calmer and composed in stressful situations. Moreover, I can easily sleep at night even though my mind is giving me plenty of reasons to worry. As a result, I do not easily get cranky in the morning, and even my officemates have commented that they feel like I am always having a good day.

Of course, the effects differ from one person to another. Thus, I suggest you see the results for yourself.

Rainbow Candy CBD Vape Juice by CBDfx is available in three CBD concentrations at 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Prices vary depending on the concentration you choose. But if you intend to use this for a long time, I suggest you get the 6-pack refill box and save some bucks.

Overall, I am satisfied with the results CBD vape juice by CBDfx give me. Moreover, I love the Rainbow Candy flavor that greatly reminds me of Skittles.

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