Quick Cures for Vaper’s Tongue


Have you experienced you cannot taste the flavor from your favorite vape? It seems like flat. This could likely be vaper’s tongue. This is not permanent. Let us find out what it is and the various ways on how to fix it. 

What is Vaper’s Tongue? 

One of the side effects of vaper’s tongue is a numb tongue. You cannot taste the e-liquid’s flavor, or you cannot endure the unpleasant taste for your favorite daily vape. You feel less satisfied with it. You struggle to determine the flavor that made you happy at the start. Vaper’s tongue refers to plenty of different variations of this condition. These ranges from a muted taste to no taste at all. This includes when you are drinking or eating food. 

Its Possible Causes 

Exhausting Your Favorite Go-To Flavor 

Vaper’s tongue is an evidence that you vaped too much of your favorite go-to flavor. It is ordinary for vapers to discuss too much vaping. Your taste buds get too familiar with the flavor.  

Quick Cure: Switch Up Your Vapes. The only way to cure this is to switch from your favorite flavor to another flavor for a few days interval. You can also handpick a second e-liquid and use it during the night. This ensures you get to taste your old favorite flavor like it is new when you go back vaping it.

You should discover another daily vape to experiment on. What are your top picks on your daily rotation? To know more recommendations to restore your vaper’s tongue and other sub ohm e-liquids, visit wotofo.com

Damaged Taste Buds

If you are a sub ohm vaper who has lost its flavor, be prepared for your taste buds. The reason you experience numb taste buds is because of a burnt tongue. You need to vape at a higher temperature to achieve the best flavor when you are sub ohm vaping.  

Quick Cure: Reset Your Taste Buds. You can modify your sub-ohm tank to let your coils heat up to a low temperature. If you do changes, this will allow your taste buds to recover. Expert wine testers and aroma samplers use two approaches to reset their palette. These include sucking lemons and smelling coffee beans. 

Aging Vape Juice 

If you store your vape juice and leave it for a long time without using it, it is expected that the flavor will degrade. In this case, your taste buds or tongue is not at fault.  

Quick Cure: Buy a New E-Liquid. You just need a fresh bottle of e-liquid. To ensure that you can still use your old e-liquid and keep its full flavor regardless of time, you must make sure that the cap is firmly tight and refrain from leaving any fluid in your sub ohm tank if you don’t usually use it. 


When you lose your taste, this is a side effect of dehydration and is difficult to identify. Other side effects can be headaches, dry mouth, dark urine, and tiredness. 

Quick Cures: Remain Hydrated. If you maintain your water intake, your sense of taste remains solid. Water is indeed extraordinary! It keeps you hydrated and cleanses any remaining taste in your palette. You are now ready for a fresh vape. Water also contains zero calories. 

Dirty Contacts 

Another reason you experience an absence of flavor from your e-liquid is dirty atomizer contacts. 

Quick Cure: Clean Up Before Vaping. To address this issue, you must do a quick clean up on your atomizer or clearomizer. Or else, this is a good chance for you to replace it. This way you ensure that your entire vaping kit is working well. 

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